Issue of December 3, 2017

Panagbenga Flower Festival
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Working at home

I have been working as an English teacher for more than eight years now and I must say that it is quite an experience to teach students with different cultural backgrounds and different ages.

Through online teaching, I am able to choose my schedule and conduct classes on my free time. I can sleep and take a nap in the afternoons and take breaks at will. That’s the advantage of being a home-based teacher. Stress comes when there is no electricity and you lose Internet connection; imagine being penalized for large amount when these situations happen. Deductions are greater than you expect. It’s really devastating when these happen. Thus, every home-based teacher needs a back-up plan. In my situation, I usually run to my mom’s office to avoid all these unnecessary penalties.

I have learned a lot of ways to avoid these penalties by communicating with my students via Skype, QQ, and WeChat. All of my students live in China so I need to be creative in teaching and communicating with them. The Internet is useful when one doesn’t understand a word. There always the online dictionary, Google translate, and of course images that we can send when they totally can’t understand the topic or word.

I teach 17 students per day, 25 minutes per class. My students range from kindergarten, elementary, high school students, university students, professionals, businessmen, engineers, teachers, and retirees, among others. There are lots of challenges in each class but of course I do my best. I take teaching very seriously.

I am now ready to take the big step. Teaching for one of my own is one of my goals this year. I am not ending this journey because I have learned to love all of my students that I have met but I am open to accepting new opportunities. I am open to growth and I am taking this opportunity to go out of my comfort zone and start growing as a person as well.

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