Issue of December 31, 2017
Mt. Province

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Goodbye 2017, hello 2018

In with the new, out with the old, or so the saying goes. We anticipate the entry of another year in our lives because it is when we are renewed with hope for a better tomorrow.

And so with the usual merriment that comes with the holiday season, the thought of what to do, what to change, and what to expect for the incoming days, weeks, and months surface. Case in point are yearly resolutions that one makes and plans to fulfill. There is this joke I read that resolutions are tasks to do during the first week of January. Is this true? I laughed. It just depends on the person’s will to achieve it or not. It’s mostly a personal challenge to start a resolution and the drive to do it would not come from others but mostly from oneself. Yes, others may help inspire you to continue the good habit but in the end, whether achieved or not, resolutions are solely personal tasks. Prioritize and set your goals, plain and simple. Whether there are yearly resolutions or not, it doesn’t change a person’s outlook on life. Basically, people are full of hope.

Yes, we were faced with numerous tragedies this year and positive changes are the challenges we have to face with the incoming year. How can one be merry when our countrymen suffer from displacement, wars, poverty and negativity? How can one prosper when others could not? Let us just hope that the situation will change for the betterment of those in need.

With all the issues we face as a nation, sometimes we feel depressed. All we see on TV and read in newspapers are the seeming endless wave of man taking advantage of his fellowmen and women. Will it ever end? I just change the channel and look for more pleasing shows, just to segue my mind away from the bad vibes.

Will the incoming year be any different? Of course, it will be but it also will depend on how things will come out or progress with the daily interactions and decisions that we will have to make. Cause and effect, actions beget other actions. There are always repercussions.

To continue living should make us excited and happy for life itself. We anticipate the incoming year with a fervent wish and prayer that yes, we hope that things do change for the better. It may be a slow process as usual, it may make us impatient and shrug our shoulders and heads in wonder, but let us just continue with the hope for a positive future.

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