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Panagbenga Flower Festival
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The destination does not matter, it’s the journey
According to musician Drake, “Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.”

Every organization, institution, or agency sets time for them to have break or unwind from their hectic schedule. Unwinding is also a time to have a team building. Through this activity you will discover the other side of your companions, and as a result you can relate better in the workplace and strengthen leader-follower relationship.

The typical destination is a place never travelled before. It could be in a historical place to appreciate the legacy of history in our time, in a white sand beach to feel the salty water, in a well-known amusement parks to escape once in a while from the realities of life, and in cold and high-altitude mountains if you want to be with the nature and detach yourself from the busy city.

While we travel, we are eager to reach the place, others even search in the Google how it looks like and the landscape as well. To escape from the eagerness, we tend to sleep and listen to music, thinking that when we are awake, we are already there at the place.

Due to excitement, we tend to set aside the company, the stories, and the sceneries. This situation makes our journey dull, “mano pay nga bantay, makasangpet tayo koman,” we always say.

To make our excursion enjoyable we should consider these things: as much as possible we try to start a conversation by asking interesting questions that would break the ice and boredom. Share stories that make us laugh.

Take off to landmarks along the way and when we trek. Let us be sensitive with the nature. Smell the fresh air and blooming wild flowers and feel the ambiance of the windy hills. With this, we can make passage of time interesting and less boring. Without our knowledge we also discover members of the group that are good story tellers and by dropping to seeing different landmarks we can benchmark from the natural landscape.

These could contribute to a more meaningful and memorable journey. Swapped stories until you reach the destination is priceless experience that is nice look back to, would made you giggle as you share happy moments with your companions.

New places mean new experiences with the culture of the folks and the natural landscape. These experiences could be used in reflecting to be more responsive and proactive to life’s challenges. It reminds us that we are fortunate having opportunities the world offers, but also to be satisfied of what we have.

Living simply means preserving and sustaining the resources for the next generation. This is even more understandable to those in the educational sector through dealings with students, because we had the firsthand experience with the community.

We remind students that they should be thankful for having access to the things they need in their studies, while others in far-flung areas have little or no access at all. But in fact, this lack drives those deprived to strive and hurdle the barrier towards their dreams. This personal narrative could be an inspiration for our students to see the brighter side of finishing their education.

Being immersed with the folks offers new perspectives. Refreshing our mind and soul is a secondary reason why we take some break from our work. It inspire us to continue doing our mandate in our own field. In the teaching profession, reading from books, media, and the World Wide Web or “dabalyu, dabalyu, dabalyu” is not adequate as a teaching aid. As much as possible we benchmark because it will improve our knowledge and strategies in conveying lessons to our students.

Accomplishments are not measured by quantity but on how we made it. It is not the final product but how the product came to be. When you finish your book, a thesis, or any work, in the end you say to yourself “sa wakas natapos din ang paghihirap.” It only implies that the while doing the work it made your life uncomfortable, depriving you of leisure. Doing things with hesitations will result in distress lack of concentration. Proper tactic and time will help us finish the task leisurely.

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