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I love Japan
My family was not ready for a travel outside the country at a time when classes were about to begin.

But when we were told that we were leaving for Japan, we immediately had our documents processed. That was in August.

Upon learning the news about our travel, my mother and my eldest son rushed to have their passports renewed. Then, we travelled to Manila to process our visas. Of course, the wait was gut-wrenching as we only had two weeks to have everything processed because our tickets were already booked. There were delays, but the wait was worth it.

And thus, our eight-day Japan adventure began.

Everything in Japan is amazing, beautiful, and different. This country is endlessly fascinating. I am still in awe with its breathtaking scenery. The ancient temples and structures are well-preserved. The countryside and the cities are very clean. There are vending machines in every corner that dispense water, green tea, coffee, sweets, and packed meals so you will never go hungry and thirsty. Japanese food is delicious yet expensive, but there are convenience stores that sell authentic Japanese food and drinks at affordable prices.

The Japanese are also very helpful; you can always approach anyone and they will definitely help you out. Politeness, sense of civic duty, and discipline are ingrained in the culture of the Japanese. In the bus or in the train, they would offer their seats to children and elders. By the way, elders in Japan are very strong and independent.

It’s also easy to get around the country. Japan’s train, subway, and bus system are amazing, very comfortable, extremely reliable, user-friendly, and very convenient; unlike in our country where travelling from one point to another is a struggle because of the traffic jams, choosy taxi drivers, and crowded buses.

In Japan, you can nap or sleep while travelling and need not worry about your belongings.

Japan is truly an amazing country. I am an e-learning specialist teaching English in foreign countries. English isn’t widely spoken in Japan and I am hopeful that I would be able to teach English in one of the most beautiful countries in Asia.

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