Issue of September 2, 2018
Mt. Province

70th Courier Anniversary Issue
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If it’s for you, it’s for you

While the disaster risk reduction management coordinators, school heads, barangay and municipal officials, and persons in authority were busy texting about the suspension of classes due to the heavy rains, landslides, and dangers caused by monsoon rains, and while others were in their homes sleeping, chatting, or drinking coffee, I was in my classroom preparing my folder for the coming ranking for promotion.

The sound of the printer that went with the splashing rain and the whistling wind was like music to my ears because all I wanted was to complete my folder, pass it, be ranked number one, and be promoted for a higher salary. What a lovely plan and prediction I had.

After hours of printing, photocopying, pasting, and labeling, I was finally done with my folder. I just needed to pass it to the committee in charge. I’ll just wait for two days and my plan will be done. I spent two nights and two days praying and dreaming for the promotion.

At last, the day of assessment of folders came. However, it was not as easy as I thought. In the middle of the night, heavy rains caused by typhoon Luis poured, which caused a number of landslides, falling rocks, and river like waters on the roads. Should I still go for the assessment? Yes. I was determined to proceed and I was pretty sure that I would be ranked number one. I just needed to wrap my folder with plastic, put it in my bag, and wrap it again with a plastic bag to protect it from getting wet.

Riding in a motorcycle, walking, running, and holding to the branches of uprooted trees while the rain poured were just some of the obstacles that my folder and I needed to overcome. It was a risky thing to do but somehow, it was an adventure for me. After the adventure on the road, I reached my destination safe and sound. My plan was almost on my hand. The assessment committee will just check our folders, tally our scores, and post the results.

The moment of truth came – the truth of not being ranked number one but rank number two for just a matter of 0.90 points. On my way home, I remembered one document that I should have added into my folder, which would have added one point to my score. Why did I miss it for this very important opportunity? I was really disappointed because my plan did not materialize.

It was then that I realized what my husband told me: “Do not force to get what is not meant for you. Time will tell and sooner or later, you will be there. The important thing is you did your best. You played the game honestly and right. If something is for you, it will be for you.”

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