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Why I should live

Many of us might have watched “13 Reasons Why” on Netflix. The series is about a girl, Hannah Baker, who committed suicide and left 13 tapes which contain the reasons why she killed herself. The series made a big impact on the world because of its content. It greatly portrays bullying, suicide, and mental health, which are now among the issues globally. Dr. Herminigilda Salangad of the Department of Health said, “In 2015, there were 300 million people suffering from depression. Every year, close to 800,000 people take their lives all over the world.”

For me, suicide is preventable. Paano ko nasabi? I came from that dark side and I listed “13 Reasons Why” I should live.

1. Because of God. He plans everything. I am planned so trust Him and I should never forget to ask for His guidance. Once I’ve trust him, everything will be running smoothly. Remember to thank Him everyday.

2. Because words are not food for me to digest. This is a big problem for us. We tend to make words stay longer inside. Let it out. Don’t let criticism rule over.

3. Because life is a roller coaster, I will learn how to ride it. Someone once told me that the life out there is very cruel. Life is the survival of the fittest. I have to make sure that I am strong enough to be called a survivor, so be feisty.

4. Because I am stronger than my problem. Problems are not meant to stay forever, same goes with happiness. So I'll enjoy my problem while it lasts.

5. Because I cannot please everybody. This might be an old CD but please remember that no one is born to satisfy anybody. I won’t make them like me for what I am not. I am not a clown so please, I don’t entertain people.

6. Because if I am being hurt physically, I will make a stand. Someone who is weak and who always cry make bullies very confident on what they do. Trust me, I know.

7. Because many people still loves me. If I wish to die or currently trying to end everything, I won’t. I’ll think of my parents, friends, and family whose smiles will be changed to tears. I’ll imagine seeing everyone I love sitting in front of my coffin with questioned faces. Faces who are confused on what did they do wrong for me to do the big no. If I feel alone, no! Nobody is alone. I won’t look for love after I die, I will look for love before I die.

8. Because I’m not worthless. I just don’t see my worth.

9. Because I am not a trash. If somebody made me feel like a trash, I’ll remember even trash can be recycled.

10. Because I hate regrets. If I feel that my life is toxic, I will walk away. It’s better to feel hurt now than regret later.

11. Because I choose my friend and I know that not all who smile in front of me is true to me. Remember, there are many wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing. Don’t trust immediately. Only me can be my best friend and at the same time my enemy.

12. Because I am a risk-taker. If I hate someone or love someone, I will tell them directly after I’ve gained courage. The more I keep my feelings to myself, the more it will have the urge to get out and I might tell my secrets or feelings to the wrong people and I might end up being in a bad position.

13. If everything else fails, refer to reason No. 1.

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