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63rd Anniversary SUPPLEMENT

The Electronic Way
by Jane Cadalig

Voting: The Electronic Way This year’ polls will require the electorate to master the art of shading and to learn to be good at memorizing their bets’ corresponding numbers in the ballots.

At the same time, political… 
Discipline is the Answer
by Jayraida Ebit

One of the most essential requirements in running for any elective post is discipline. This is the foundation of every aspirant to win the election, a basis of every voter to choose the right official, and a mirror of every candidate’s persona. 
Reiterating the "green" agenda for the Cordillera
by Delmar Cariño

LA TRINIDAD, BENGUET – Environment officials are getting worried that the bid to disestablish farmed areas of the Mt. Data National Park would trigger a similar move in other protected areas.

Department of Environment and Natural… 
Politics and
editorial cartoons
by Jogin Tamayo

Fifteen years ago, I received my first libel suit not on damaging articles but on an editorial cartoon. The suit failed to get past the prosecutor's office. That is how strong the impact an editorial cartoon can make on the public's consciousness… 
A Mission to Conquer: The Mt. Pulag Escapade
by Evita Ongchangco

To conquer something means to overcome, to vanquish, and to win. More often than not, what you conquer in a journey is more than the distance travelled and what you have seen. Wherever you go, you carry a lot of things with you – your dreams… 
Benguet politics:
ever so gentle, ever so peaceful
by Jimmy Laking

Gov. Nestor Fongwan was ill at ease. If he was feeling the same, the poker–faced Cong. Samuel Dangwa did not show it. He just stared at the proceedings as if Fongwan did not exist. I was told that Fongwan was almost tempted to ask… 
Life in Mediocrity
by Reggie de Guia

Life in mediocrity has three parts in this story. The first part talks on the fun facts about our lovely country. Second is about voting. And the last part of the story are the good practices we should have with regard to the election. 
"I shall return no more" – the political culture of Barlig
by Liza Agoot

Behind the natural wonders of Barlig is the open secret about the town’s political culture, which origins nobody can say nor explain why it continues…. The municipality of Barlig, Mountain Province is a small town with a land area of… 
6 Months after Pepeng: Where we are and what remains to be done
by Mari-An Santos

Who could forget how Typhoon Pepeng ravaged the Cordillera in October 2009 and wrought damages to lives and properties? Figures from the Office of Civil Defense showed 317 fatalities and 217 injured… 
Present reverberations of Ygollote historical politics
by Morr Pungayan

A historical backdrop North straight, west, and east of the [Spanish-] occupied provinces of La Union and Pangasinan, the Spaniards heard of a nación whose people were once the inveterate neighbors of the Ilocanos and… 
Cooling down the hot summer in Benguet’s water resorts
by Adiel Basilan

Residents and visitors alike find relaxing havens and retreat places in Benguet’s resorts this season. Among these are the natural and man-made water resorts that have become favorite destinations in the province… 
Cyber campaining trailblazes in Cordillera’s traditional election
by Harley Palangchao

Just as you thought many politicians in the northern highlands – including long–time public servants – are computer illiterate, think again.

And if you have not opened your Facebook accounts lately, you might be… 
Candidates answer why they merit to have your vote

A few days from now, on May 10, 2010 the crucial decision of picking the names beside the ovals each voter would be shading will be made. The Baguio Midland Courier would like to help in this decision–making… 
Baguio Centennial Cartoons
by Jogin Tamayo


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