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99th Baguio Charter Day Cartoon
by: Liberty Catalino

They are loved not because they are popular but they are loved because they care. They may not be hitting the charts now but they may do so after many long years. They have been hitting us hard for every single kindness they’ve shown to the lonely hearted folks dumped on the darkest roads.

I’ve never thought that someday, I would be writing a story about a group whose members I’ve never even talked to and don’t even know personally. Until now, I still ask myself why I chose them among the sectors that I know have been doing great things for the city. But thinking of that only bothers me because I have hundreds of reasons in my mind and it’s really a tough job to tell which one is exactly the best.

Maybe it’s just a part of doing things unexpectedly. You can’t tell the reason at first but after some time, you would finally understand and surely you will love it if along the way, you haven’t hurt a single bee.

Sweet melody
I’m proud to proclaim that I am one of the greatest fans of the MPBC Kinnoboyan band even before they began. I first heard the sweet melody of their voices in a singing contest held by 99.9 Country and DZWT 540 Radyo Totoo some time in 2006. By listening to these talented young singers, I can say that they have the potential to reach the top soon and someday, they will make their story. Now, I see the story and I like the way it goes.

MPBC Kinnoboyan is composed of Junie Rey Bag-ayan, Gelasio Biray, Christopher Longalong, Heintjie Pis-oy, Stephen Lael Senio, and many more. We’ve seen them stand in front of the crowds in the different malls of the city like SM and Porta Vaga especially during special occasions. They always give fun to the hearts of the people here and that alone shows how they give importance to everything in this fresh-aired paradise.

Giving comfort
They have been in many concerts but I never got the chance to see them all. God knows I always wanted and prayed to be able to stand in the crowd as I give my warmest applause each time. So every time I hear about their upcoming concerts on the radio, I hope for the best.

Then for a while, I smile and just whisper “great.”

They are natural born singers. Despite the busy world they are in, they always find time to comfort people by dedicating songs no matter how strange the weather is. Obviously, they get tired during successive activities, no doubt everyone does, but they don’t stop, to make sure everyone would be satisfied, most especially when they do concerts for-a-cause. How many cancer patients have they helped and inspired now? Too many, I guess.

I know that nothing would be greater than being assured that when you can no longer stand the hardships on your own, somebody out there is ready to save you. But that’s not the end of it. They have been working for charity since then and they have initiated medical missions in different places in the city and in other neighboring areas. Only the good-hearted ones have the initiative to do that. It’s true that some have the power and the wealth to help others but they feel that it will be a loss if they will, so they just benefit themselves. Too bad, they are not like this band.

More than voices
Now, how can we say that these artists are just voices? Yes, they may be for others but as I can see, they are more of a medicine that cures, saves, and gives life. The world may not know how this local band has comforted the empty lives of the ill people but God is the ultimate witness and I am, too. Though I am far from them, I was told by the wind somehow.

Some may wonder who I am and why I have to express myself this way but I can’t answer that now. I am not related to any of them by blood neither to the patients they have inspired but I boast about them because I am one of the many people touched by their caring hearts. I swear that nothing could ever change the degree of appreciation I have for them because I really feel even in the simplest way they did things that they’ve proven to the world that they are gifted not only with voices that fill empty and lonesome hearts but also with hearts that carry the souls of the weak to a place where happiness is.

These men may not be aware how greatly they have affected the city by their acts that have warmly caressed many individuals. Now they know. I hope this realization wouldn’t stop them from pursuing more kindness, perhaps it should lead them to walk a little closer toward the purposes they have.

The passion to care
This is just a chapter of the Kinnoboyan’s legend and more chapters shall come. I wasn’t able to enumerate all the wonderful moments they shared because I haven’t seen all they have done. I just feel it by simply closing my eyes while I listen to the sound of their voices constantly filling the cold walls of the room. But still, I’m happy enough knowing that I have revealed something remarkable about this band.

Honestly, when they are to be judged, I’ll say that they are already a hundred kilometers ahead and are almost unreachable but they broke the distance, came back, and reached out to the hands of all the ones left behind.

Individuals like them are indeed the best foundation of the city. They support, they hold, and they tenderly care but they don’t boast to the world that they do. They remain true to themselves and they make sure they keep their feet on the ground where their comrades are even though they have all the chances to grab the sky. They simply live silently somewhere, carrying the thoughts of the contented people they care for.

Well, I guess they never dreamt of having the grandest things anymore because they already have them all when they showed that it’s their passion to care. If fact, if they did, then their heads must be as big as their own bass guitars by now.

This ends the chapter full of thanks and support to the whole MPBC Kinnoboyan group who cares and never gets tired of sacrificing. Once again they have proven their worth. Another time shall come and more people would need a helping hand but as long as men like these openly care so much, everything will be fine, no matter how hard the challenges might be.

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