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Mt. Province
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Transformation in human development

She came to my office five years ago all the way from Manila for a medical condition which needed a second opinion. Since then, she with her family members and many friends frequently visited me for their medical problems. Over the years, I came to know of her many activities and accomplishments.

As a student, she studied at the University of the Philippines Diliman in Quezon City and was the editor-in-chief of the school organ, Philippine Collegian. Knowing that education is a continuing process, she finished Doctor of Social Psychology and devoted her lifetime to the teaching profession at the Ateneo de Manila University. Much later she served as system consultant to the office of the president and taught at the Ateneo de Zamboanga University. All the professional years nurtured and enriched her to become a brilliant Filipina academician.

Not satisfied, in her retirement, she maintained her active and creative lifestyle by accepting part time teaching jobs and consultancy services in various universities in Baguio. In different occasions, she conducts workshops to various organizations on different aspects of human development.

A few months ago, she launched a book in Baguio at the Café by the Ruins which was well attended by psychologists, professors, students, and book lovers. The most recent and appropriate for the time, which every single parent should get hold of and read is “Creative solo parenting, here’s how.”

Ten million or more Filipinos are working abroad, either the father or mother, and at times, both. Their siblings are left to care for themselves or are left under the care of the grandparents or other relatives. The responsibility to say the least is heavy. Many families have been broken for one reason or another. The book, and the only one I know of, offers some solutions to make up for the shortcomings. Hopefully the knowledge shared will prevent and /or salvage the very basic unit of society which is the family. It hopes to understand the Filipino psyche, to manage a family single-handedly.

The author, Dr. Carmela Ortigas, was widowed early and had to manage a family of her own single-handedly. She successfully put them through school to become professionals in their own right, thus she speaks and writes with authority through her book.

Dr. Ortigas has authored, co authored, and published over a dozen books: “A social psychological approach to community empowerment”; “Human resource development: The Philippine experience”; and “Culture of peace and essence of wellness” to name a few. Her scholarly written book: “Group process and the inductive method: Theory and practice in the Philippines” serves as textbook in Psychology.

Dr. Ortigas with her co-author Josephine Perez will launch their latest book on Jan. 16, Saturday at UP Baguio at 3:30 p.m. The book is entitled: “Psychology of transformation: The Philippine perspective – philosophy, theory and practice” The book is an accumulation of four decades of professional experience. The book is not only for advanced professional practitioners in human development but also as a resource synthesis for advanced professionals of human behavior in organization and psychology. It seeks to reach the general reading public as well as those involved/interested in self mastery and wish to share their insights and learning derived from the book with those they interact within their daily lives.

While the Philippine population is almost 90 million, writers of different discipline are much desired. While Filipinos are not much of a reader, there is a need to fill the vacuum for the future generation to search and understand his own psyche through the book.

See you at UP Baguio, Institute of Management Hall.

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