Issue of March 10, 2019
Mt. Province

Panagbenga Flower Festival
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Positivity as a legacy

Sometimes, communicating with young people can be challenging. You need to reflect on your opinions about things before sharing it to them.

“What if I die after I finish college?” That was the remark of a high school student when I said that if one cares about his future maybe it is better for him to get an education first before getting married. I was startled and amused as the student continued her argument showing so much apprehension to what I said.

Being pessimistic can make us impatient and lose motivation. It can block our vision to broader horizons and even our will to trust what God has in store for us. Hence in this world, it is always nice to see people whose faith remind us that every today has a tomorrow and every cloud has a silver lining. They are powerful testaments that can give us more confidence in the promises of life.

As a public employee, I can also relate to the many hugot lines and rants that I see on Facebook about the nature of our job but sometimes it is still better to just focus on the brighter side of life. Almost every weekend, my workmates and I hike to and from the school at the top of the mountain where we work. I often wonder how many times more will I be hiking such height and distance but it is also comforting to think that there are always good reasons why we are placed wherever we are at present. When climbing the mountain, I always notice the outline of pine trees on top that looks like soldiers marching and as if they are saying, “Seize the day!” Although life is a bit hard in this far flung area, there is an abundance of beauty and freedom to be thankful about.

What are your challenges in life? Do they sometimes hold you from doing your best? Or are you hopeful that what you are doing for today may bring something good in the future? It sounds wrong to be skeptic or to not allow our self to invest for tomorrow just because we are unsure if we will ever witness or benefit from its realization. Even long after a tree has died, it continues to be used and appreciated. As someone has said, “The idea is not to live forever, but to create something that will.”

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