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Strict curfew implementation in city pushed

The city council on Monday held its first regular session for 2019 in complete attendance.

The body approved on first reading the proposed ordinance to amend Ordinance 1, s. 2003 or the Baguio City Number Coding Scheme to exempt public utility jeepneys operating in the city from coverage of the said scheme.

The proposed measure was referred to the committee on public utilities, transportation and traffic legislation for review and presentation for deliberation on second reading, as well as scheduling for discussion in a public hearing.

Also approved on first reading and referred to the appropriate committees are the proposed ordinances “regulating the use of streets and roads for purposes of parades, motorcades, fun run and rallies in the city; “requiring all bus companies to use the tri-boundaries at junction of the Dairy Farm, Marcos Highway, Lamtang, Irisan; and Slaughterhouse Compound as staging areas/bus stations in the city; and “for the conduct of night market at the vicinity of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Kayang Streets of the Baguio City Public Market.”

The body called for the joint efforts of the city government, its 128 barangays, and the baguio City Police Office, for the strict implementation of the amended Curfew Ordinance for Minors in the city.

The request was made through resolution 3, s. 2019 after the 2017 crime index issued by the BCPO shows that in spite of the existence and series of amendments of the Curfew Ordinance, there are still minors who are victims of street crimes, rape, theft, and robbery during late hours at night.

Ordinance 271 was enacted in 1957 setting curfew hours for minors and declaring unlawful for any person below 16 years of age to stay out, roam, or play on streets, roads, plazas, parks or other public places or establishments in the city between 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. the following morning.

The only exemption is when minors are in the company of their parents, elders, guardians, or teachers, except when such minor has attended a party, game, or other school affair, church function or any other authorized affair which may last beyond curfew time, provided that the police was notified of such affair or function at least 24 hours before it is held.

In 2009, through Ordinance 50, the measure was amended extending the length of the curfew from seven to 10 hours, which is from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. the following morning.

The last amendment was enacted through Ordinance 23, s. 2018 specifically mentioning “Internet shops or cafes, amusement or game facilities” as among the prohibited establishments for minors and shortening again the duration curfew to seven hours in an adjusted time from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m.

Facility owners or managers who allow minors to stay or loiter in their establishments facilities during the prohibited hours specified under the amended Curfew Ordinance shall be fined P3,000 for first offense; P5,000 for the second offense; and closure of business or nonrenewal of business permit in the third offense.

In Resolution 5, s. 2019, the body also called for the immediate opening of a road right-of-way at iron street at upper quezon hill barangay which has been delayed for years due to illegal fencing and construction.

The action was based on the recommendation of the committee on urban planning, lands and housing in its third indorsement on Nov. 28, 2018 acting on the appeal to fast-track the opening of the road right-of-way as requested by the affected residents through Punong Barangay Dinah Campos.

As per the resolution, a committee level hearing was conducted on July 3, 2018 wherein necessary documents were undertaken and signed by the concerned parties. In the hearing, Jane Mayurgas executed an affidavit of no objection on the removal of a .5 to .8-meter riprap bulge from her property to widen the adjacent road, provided that the riprap is properly restored.

Victoria Duya executed a similar affidavit allowing the removal of approximately 1.65 meters by 1.53 meters by one meter more or less (triangular in shape) from their garage or whatever exceeds or goes beyond lines 9 and 10 with Bearings N.88 o9’ W in the technical description of the survey plan to widen the adjacent road, provided that their gate shall be properly restored.

A deed was also signed and submitted by Yolanda dela Cruz-Ringor waiving her rights on the lot she is occupying which overlaps Iron Street and also interposes no objection on their relocation beside Salvador dela Cruz who is willing to accommodate her family.

In the deed of waiver of rights, the concerned barangay residents together with the barangay officials will contribute and bear the cost of materials and labor in building a new and decent house for the Dela Cruz family with initial estimate cost of P50,000 more or less exclusive of labor cost. They shall also bear labor cost incurred in the construction to expedite the opening of the road right-of-way.

PB Campos accepted by signing the conditions in the deed in behalf of the beneficiary barangay residents.

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