Issue of February 18, 2018
Mt. Province

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When some people are mauled just because the clothes they are wearing happen to bear semblance with the signature clothing of a rival gang, it does not only defy logic, it is also appalling that a group of youth called hype beast would commit a crime over something trivial.

Several weeks ago, the Baguio City Police Office recorded a brawl involving minors who got involved in an altercation, which allegedly started just because of a fashion trend that a rival group was trying to advertise.

Now, parents find themselves worrying that their children might be mauled just because the brand of shirt they may have bought for their kid might be the color of contending gangs.

We welcome the move of the city council to convene school administrators, the Department of Education, and the Philippine National Police to address the proliferation of hype beast before it goes out of hand.

The suggestion of a city official for a review of a 2007 ordinance that required fraternities to register should be revisited and strengthened. Like everybody else, no one wants a repeat of incidents in the past years where the youth got involved in petty crimes then later on, brutal crimes.

Since the approval of the ordinance, no group ever registered. But this has a remedy. To help police and the City Social Welfare Office monitor children, schools can be tapped to submit a list of student organizations, while the Women and Children Protection Desk monitor the activities of “problematic” students.

This way, it is easier to identify those who might need intervention from experts such as guidance counselors, so that the original intention of the 2007 ordinance will be realized.

By tapping the youth to be productive citizens, they can be given a chance to participate in community undertakings and may even be considered for appointment in local special bodies and committees where they can recommend policies affecting the youth.

The submission of DepEd of a report on how schools are complying with Republic Act 10627 or the Anti-Bullying Act of 2008 would give authorities a clearer picture, which will guide them in coming out with recommendations or solutions to cases of physical or emotional harm and creating a hostile environment in schools.

Effectively implementing the Anti-Bullying Act in schools and fostering the culture of peace and caring in schools will have greater impacts on the attitude of students towards other people, especially the youth and will discourage them from joining groups that promote violence and bullying.

With BCPO having identified the bailiwicks of more than 1,000 members of hype beast from two leading secondary public schools in Baguio, the deployment of trained cops in areas frequented by the members can serve as a deterrent to possible occurrence of untoward incidents involving rival members.

By acting proactively, city officials can avert possible resurgence of gangs. We also enjoin parents to continue guiding their children. Through your support, you help bring up responsible adults in the future.



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