Issue of January 31, 2016
Mt. Province

Baguio Day Anniversary Issue
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The long wait for the installation of a rubberized track at Baguio’s main sports facility has finally ended, enhancing this city’s ability to provide a decent hosting of sports events.

Kudos to the people who initiated the Athletic Bowl’s rehabilitation and to those who made sure that the work is done before the holding of the biggest sports competition among public schools in the Cordillera next week.

Last Friday’s initial inauguration of the second phase of the Athletic Bowl rehab boosts our confidence of an improved hosting by the city of the 2016 Cordillera Administrative Region Athletic Association meet.

Although far from being fully rehabilitated, the long-delayed installation of the rubberized track will at least save Baguio from the same public contempt it suffered when it exposed athletes to health risks due to a dusty oval in last year’s CARAA meet.

With a newly rehabilitated oval, there will be no reason for athletes to claim that they were not given equal fighting chances, when they converge in the city on Feb. 6 for the week-long CARAA meet.

Completion of the oval upgrade, however, is just one of the many works that need to be  done on the sports complex. Other facilities likewise need attention – funds in particular – so the city could fully boast of having a sports center that could host national competitions.

Among other components, work includes the rehabilitation of bleachers, improvement of the fence of the track, and installation of an international-standard lighting system. The latter is one of the recommendations of a Philippine Sports Commission consultant.

This reinforces the call for the city government to fulfill its pledge for a P60 million counterpart for Athletic Bowl’s repair.

We join the rest in hoping that a fully rehabilitated and a world-class Baguio Athletic Bowl will be inaugurated the soonest possible time.

But while funding is important, protection of the already completed repair works must also be given a priority.

More than the authorities imposing measures to safeguard the renovated portions of the Athletic Bowl, it is also the taxpayers’ obligation to make sure the sports complex is free from disastrous activities. 

Mere compliance with regulations and observance of the do’s and don’ts on the facilities’ use is a show of cooperation.

As stakeholders, we are responsible for the state of the Athletic Bowl. Whatever becomes of it shows how far we can go in protecting public works we rallied to be developed. Let us do our part in the sports center’s maintenance.

Let us prove that more than criticizing, we are also good at helping the government.



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