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trisha How to make Baguio a child-friendly city
Trisha Joi Esperanza

I have lived in Baguio City for the   whole eleven years of my life. When I compare our city with other places I have read about, I find Baguio City not that bad when it comes to children-friendly standards. However, I believe in the popular saying, “there is always room for improvement.” I want to share my ideas on how Baguio could be a more child-friendly city.

First, the city should have a healthy and clean environment. I learned that Baguio City used to be a favorite family vacation destination. The clean, cool summer breeze is a great attraction to many tourists. Not anymore. We live near a busy street and our yard is black with soot. Is fresh air a thing of the past? The city government should do something about the air pollution.

What happened to the waste bins along Session Road? The garbage bins should be restored. And I do not mean Session Road only. I am sure children would love to paint these garbage bins to make them more attractive. I myself will volunteer.

And what about the dirty comfort rooms? When I was a little girl, my mother used to wipe the seat first before allowing me to use the public toilet. She always brings with her a bottle of alcohol to “sanitize” the toilet. Even today, she still reminds me to always see to it that the toilet bowl is clean before I use it. School comfort rooms should be kept clean at all times. One time, I didn’t pee the whole day because the toilets were very dirty.

Second, Baguio City should have a safe environment where children can safely walk on the streets without fear of being run-over by speeding cars or jeepneys, or kidnapped and harmed by bad people. At the opening of classes, I argued with my mother many times to allow me to go to school on my own. She just agreed when my cousin volunteered to bring me to school and then I can go home alone afterwards. Wow! I really felt good! I felt like a grown-up who was able to take care of herself. Something must be done to make the city safe for children. Then our parents will stop worrying and give us more freedom.

Third, Baguio City should have people who are friendlier to children. I once bought an Archie magazine at a popular bookstore. As I waited for my turn to pay, the cashier seemed not to notice me. Her attention was to the adults. My mother who was waiting outside the store came over and that was the only time the cashier got my payment. Children are also customers. They should be treated with courtesy.

Even some jeepney drivers do not pick up children waiting for a ride especially when there are several of them. Is it because we pay less than the adults? When I was going home from school one Saturday (yes, sometimes we go to school on Saturdays) and I handed over my P6 fare, the driver rudely shouted, “walang student discount sa Sabado!”

Fourth, the city government should improve our parks and make them green and beautiful. When I was small, our family used to go to Burnham Park. We brought our lunch and stayed there the whole day. We children played and ran about while the adults sat on a mat and told stories or just slept. We do not do that anymore. Burnham Park is no longer what it used to be.

When my cousins from Manila came over for a visit, we brought them to Mines View Park and then to Botanical Garden. There wasn’t much to see except for the many stalls selling all sorts of things.

Fifth, barangays could sponsor different activities for children especially during vacation. Sports, parlor games, crafts workshops, and camps would really be fun!
How can we make Baguio a child-friendly city? I think it is everybody’s responsibility. If only we do our part.

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