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BOSDENGAN? WHAT – OR who is it? Our answer:

“IT IS A term applied to a child 3-4 years old – or thereabouts, ‘who wants all the attention anytime, anyplace.. given the stimuli that provoke his bosdengan behaviour”.

A ‘SLIMMER’ APPLICATION of the term is Mabosdeng (adj. form).. but this is applied to older children – five years and above.. even to adults; but ‘slimmer’ though indeed.. because there’s the cutting aspect: the Mabusdeng doesn’t have that ‘seizure’ or behaviour.. anytime, anyplace, etcetera. Rather, he/she is that: occasionally.

THE TWO TERMS Supra are derived from the noun Bosdeng =int “a behaviour-kind perhaps akin to the Western ‘tantrum-prone’(?) – where the child usually asks for something he desires e.g. food, toy, activity, etc., and

“WHEN REFUSED, HE may cry, or shriek; cry louder, etc., until.. appeased. “He does these – they say: ‘to the one who spoiled him’.. the father, or the mother, or, any other member of the family.” So,

ARE BOSDENG AND the Bosdengan viewed as ‘Negatives’ (?).. like they maybe by other groups or individuals? Yes, maybe.. for some; but

FOR MANY, AND in ‘these Heights’, the ‘misbehaving’ child like the Bosdengan is in fact: a Source of joy; a Healer of the wounded feelings; a Heaven-sent gift to be treasured:

[“BUT HOW COULD that be?.. when in his tantrums, he can displease you, tire you, even infuriate you.. with his shrieks and bootless shouts and whatnot?” you may wonder-level so, but]

A SOURCE OF Joy for the Bosdengan is to a clinically-declared childless couple of years; a Healer of feelings wounded he is to a spouse whose idol-beloved has left him ‘for someone new’; a Heaven-sent gift he is to his ‘adopting’ parents whose biological offspring do not exhibit semblances of intelligence as the now-growing, ‘taken-in’ Bosdengan child.

DO WE HAVE enough illustrative examples? Now, to some other de-tails.

USUALLY, OR MOSTLY, the Bosdengan slowly ceases to be one, from moment he goes to school.. maybe, as experts say: due to his ‘exposure’ to other individuals and their ‘respective behaviours. Indeed, you can not imagine a Pre-kinder class where Bosdengans can badger, can you? That is ever one of the ‘firsts’ that teacher ma’am – or sir – is clever-hunting out to dispel, discourage, or conquer! And so,

AGAIN ON THE part of the ‘straight’ parent, his/her face begin to shine – or illuminate so..

HIS CHILD IS now to slowly undergo the dreamt-about transition: from stage Bosdengan to ‘normal’ GMRC (Good Manners and Right Conduct).. and sooner, his child will be a teenager.. and so on.. “ah, sweetah!” his blood tingles with Joy and Excitement – while in such dreamful thoughts. But..

“AH, SWELL!” [YOU may say..].. “Does that mean from the time my child, for example, is two years old and that he has self-sense.. up to four years old, I’ll have to suffer (!) his Bosdeng bouts and all that? [And we answer immediate:

‘E.N.J.O.Y. IS THE word; not suffer, good man’. Even the neighbour Iluko-speaking ones believe in that; and so they advise [and in it I’m in-accord]:

“WHILE THE BOSDENGAN (‘Lampayan’ in Iluko) is at it, do nothing to resist nor tinker the Bosdeng so; on the contrary, welcome the ‘events’ and enjoy! A few weeks.. or months, he will shift from Bosdengan to ‘normal’ or child ‘regular’ – and you’ll regret you’ve missed(!) to have not been part of his Bosdengan stage!” But verily, and

CANDIDLY, IS BEING a Bosdengan a trait Phenotype, and thus ‘influenced upon’ (or ‘learned’)? Or, is it in fact hereditary or Genotype? [I was told of two grandparents conversing, in regard to this.. Hark! They come; and Listen]:

“TELL ME, AMBOI, that grandson of yours is Bosdengan..”

‘AH, YOU MEAN Tommy Hunter? Yes, of course, of course.. because his grandmother is Bosdengaen!’

“BUT SOMETIMES, WHEN he is with you, he is not.. ain’t that right?”

‘YES, IT IS.. and logical reason simple: his grand-father (in obvious self-reference) is never Bosdengan!’

AND THE OTHER grandparent’s eyes sparkle a mite: [she recalls how her own parents used to describe her as: once-in-childhood ‘a very Bosdengaen’]!

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