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Memories of old Baguio


The young man who came to Baguio to die...

Benjamin R. Salvosa and his wife Evangelina D. Salvosa moved to Baguio City in 1946 with his family. He resided with his family in Kisad Road beside the Muller house. He nurtured his family as he nurtured his school of higher learning, Baguio Colleges. Baguio Colleges opened its doors in rented spaces at Antipolo and Lopez Buildings along Session Road and Lam Ping Building at Mabini St.

All-in for learners and learning

In his vision of an institution for higher learning, Benjamin R. Salvosa practiced what he wrote in 1948 entitled Think It Over: “A Diploma is an inventory of the little we know. We frame it to remind us that the road to knowledge is endless. Let us spread out and make use of the charm of knowledge for the common good. Knowledge is lost to those who only use it only for the good of themselves.”

In 1967, the founders of University of the Cordilleras (UC) signed in a deed of donation. Benjamin R. Salvosa and Evangelina deeded over all their corporate and personal assets to a foundation that now owns the school. It was a bequest that was unconditional, irrevocable, without qualification, and in perpetuity.”

The donation is the rock on which UC was built and gave direction to later developments.

The life and achievements of Benjamin R. Salvosa can fill numerous pages of a biography and so please visit the Kalilaya Museum housed at UC, road level of Gov. Pack Road during office hours. It is filled with memorabilia, pictures and the books of Benjamin R. Salvosa. A staff will guide you.

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