Issue of September 2, 2018
Mt. Province

70th Courier Anniversary Issue
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(As narrated by Ramlabhaya Sharma, son of Tulsiram who now lives in Baguio City)

When World War II ended, my mother, Saraswati Sharma relocated to the Philippines from India in 1952.

My father was working in Bombay Commercial in Manila.

I was born in India and came to the Philippines in 1953 at the age of five. I travelled alone by Philippine Airlines and was met by my father and mother at the airport. My other siblings are Santosh Sharma, married and lives in London, United Kingdom and Ashakumari Sharma Dela Cruz, married and lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

We made the final move to Baguio in 1958.

Our first home was along Kisad Road at the Guanzon Apartments located just beside the Baguio Midland Courier Building. From 1958 until today, we have made Baguio our home.

My father operated Bheroomull’s Department Store at Lower Session Road beside Pines Theater, Assandas Department Store, Pohumolles Department Store and Valirams.

My father immersed himself in serving the Baguio community. He was a member, if not an officer of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines-treasurer; YMCA -president; Knights of Rizal-treasurer; Masonic Lodge, Worshipful Master, attained the 33rd degree; Community Chest; Lions Club of Baguio-charter member; Lions Club of Benguet-president; Philippine Red Cross Baguio chapter; BGH Advisory Board; Toastmasters’ Club; BB-Picag; Chamber of Commerce, treasurer; Northern Luzon Association for the Blind and barangay captain of Session Road.

As for corporate responsibility, he used to give one percent of gross sales during our anniversary to various organizations in and around Baguio like the Good Shepherd Orphanage at Tuding, Itogon, Benguet and the organizations that he was a member of.

Every year during Christmas, he would prepare gift bags for all patients at Baguio General Hospital. He would also prepare gift bags for the blind. From time to time he would distribute fruits and juices to all the students at Baguio Central School.

He also had some scholars at Baguio City High School. He also donated a fiat to Baguio City High School for the students enrolled in auto mechanic. He used to give merienda to all the Boy Scouts who helped ease traffic during the Holy Week. I will not be able to recall everything that he did for the community but he really loved this city and helped out a lot.

He always used to say that there is no place in the world that would compare to Baguio City, which he considered as home. He became a Filipino citizen by choice.

He had to shut down the store in Baguio in August 1996 because the owners of the place refused to renew our contract.

My father passed away in April 1997 eight months after we were forced to leave the store along Session Road.

Bheroomull’s Department Store in the mid-1950s. -- Photo courtesy of Ram Sharma

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