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Disgusting sister and frustrating father

Dear Manang,

Sometimes, I can’t believe how people can wish for the worst things to happen to people. Recently, my sister was angry about our brother’s accommodation of an old friend and his new girl. Historically, this friend always brings different girls here to Baguio from Nueva Vizcaya and stays at our house. The annoying thing is that when he and his girls fight, they fill the room with curses and sometimes get physical. This time, his new girl was pregnant and the trip to Baguio caused her to bleed. The doctor ordered bed rest because of the threatened abortion. He left her at our house because he had to go back to work and likewise, she excused herself from work to recover. My sister confronted the girl and told her that the guy was just fooling her and that she should go home. Of course, she felt my sister’s anger and decided to leave. I got goose bumps when I heard my sister tell me in my room that she didn’t care if the girl bled on her way back; she just wanted her out of the house. I lost my respect for my sister. Is there some hope for people like her?

Mags of Petersville, Baguio City

Dear Mags,

I too am disgusted with your sister. She must be full of hate and anger. What frustration does she have in her life? She sounds so unhappy? People who wish bad things on other people should be careful because karma is fairer and more just in giving people what they deserve. I pray that the girl got home without issue. I pray too that your sister holds her tongue the next time and realizes that what she said was so terrible. Some people need our prayers more because change may not be forthcoming.

Pray hard for your sister,


Dear Manang,

I am so frustrated with my father. He has made my life miserable because he is such a Scrooge and a liar. He complains about everything and does not appreciate anything we, his children, do for him. He is unforgiving too. But why is it, no matter how I try to leave his house, I can’t. It seems like I am cursed to stay and listen to the lies and put up with my father in his old age. I could have become a doctor or a lawyer but I am nothing and no one. I haven’t even worked long enough at any job. I am the failure my father created. It is too late to make a better life and when my father dies, I will be the perfect model of a child raised by the worst father in the world.

Arnold of Labsan, Baguio City

Dear Arnold,

You are not the first and last child raised by abusive parents. The phrase, “Mahirap magpalaki ng magulang,” copes with the situation where parents are unreasonable and difficult throughout the lives of their children. We are all summed up by our experiences of joy and sadness in our life. Those who are raised with feelings of frustration all the time are the most broken. They have no self-esteem or confidence. Those who were raised with praise and joy survive the tests of time because they have optimism. But the best survivors of life are those who know frustration but achieve things out of the challenge. If only all parents become aware that everything we say and do to our families throughout their lives will determine the next citizens of this world. You are not the failure that you think you are. What you fail in doing is looking for the blessings and joys every day. Stop predicting what your father will say and do, you have read his mind all these years. This is what frustrates you. You understand your father; you have succeeded in this realm. Move on. Now, it is time to be happy to do other things. You are the best child because you know your father but have done many things well and perfectly without him. He is lucky that you are there to watch the dimming light of his life. You are the best that you want to be.

Invent yourself,


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