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Of keeping love a secret and managing depression

Dear Manang,

What does it mean when you do not get a reply in any form from someone you are supposed to be having a secret relationship with? Are you supposed to just bear it in silence? I am consoled by apologies but how many apologies can be called reasonable before you cut the secret relationship off?

Silent Partner, Aurora Hill, Baguio City

Dear Silent Partner,

Anything secret should be suspicious! Shakespeare would’ve shouted out loud to declare his love for Viola if he wasn’t married and she was not engaged. Why should you keep love a secret? It is the most inspiring and overwhelming feeling that should be sung and screamed out loud, if true. It is joy in overdrive!

Honey, if he apologizes or plays dumb about not replying or not sending you messages over 12 or 24 hours, abort or jump ship! Don’t waste the tear! He’s toying with you! Don’t be a martyr unless you enjoy the masochism? Be smarter! You are worth a quick answer if he respects you and loves you.

This goes out for the men who are also taken for granted.

Time is gold,


Dear Manang,

All my life, I have worked hard and had my own money. Suddenly, I found myself jobless when my boss decided to close the business and I am left alone at home. I feel depressed and I can’t find work anymore because I am past the hiring age. I have anxiety attacks sometimes and my husband worries about my being alone in the house. Is this a bad thing?

Sad, Camp 7, Baguio City

Dear Sad,

Careful, careful! Extended sadness is depression. Feeling sorry, lonely, and abandoned are not pleasant feelings and the more you entertain these thoughts, the more distant joy and happiness become. This depression can make you crazy, if you are not careful.

Losing a job is nothing new. You should be glad that you have more time to do other things. This is the chance to get involved in church activities or learn to play an instrument. I do not intend to preach but God may have a purpose for you, give your time to Him.

Our worst enemy is depression, so shake it off quickly! Especially if hormonal changes are happening, it might just be menopause. Go out and window shop. Watch a good movie! Ask professional advice!

Cheer up,


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