Issue of November 5, 2017

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Drunk teenager and helper woes

Dear Manang,

I have a teenage son, who recently went to a friend’s house and got drunk. It was unusual for me to hear the mother of his friend answer my son’s phone and tell me that they will let my son sleep there for the night because of his condition. To my surprise, the reason for his depression and drinking was a girl who broke his heart. Of course, anger was overcome but I realized how important good friends are when we cannot console our own children.

Mama K-- Mirador Hill, Baguio City

Dear Mama K,

No matter how we raise children, they cannot confide in us 100 percent. I must say you have a good son with good friends who have good parents too. It is a comfort when your children have friends who find a home in your home and your child to find a home in other homes. These are the kinds of friendships to foster. When we drive out or disapprove of friends, we do not help the turbulent years of adolescence. I am happy that another mother protected your child. If only we become that parent in the times that other teenagers need us, we may have less juveniles and rebels.

Be a mother to others,


Dear Manang,

My stress over my house helper is at breaking point. Aside from disappearing for hours from the house, she is remiss of her duties of ironing clothes and putting order in the house. I found out that she has a boyfriend in the neighborhood which explains the time she spends outside. I want to let her go and share housework among four of us. My boys are in high school while we work in the evenings.

Angry --New Lucban, Baguio City

Dear Angry,

Love conquers all. We do foolish things when we are in love and seem to be unmindful of consequences. First approach is to tell her that you noticed that something is wrong with her work. Maybe she will improve. If she doesn’t then you can ask her to leave. But second chances and third chances come in handy when you have work and teenagers in the house. I dread the thought of no one with teenage boys at night. Their foolish ideas are infinite and more tragic than a maiden in love.

Talk it out,


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