Issue of October 15, 2017
Mt. Province

Panagbenga Flower Festival
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Presenting better options; Be kind

Dear Manang,

My sister was the best student throughout her elementary and high school education. She was promoted to the next grade twice in her lifetime. But after getting jilted, having a son and losing her house, everything has been downhill. She clings to a low paying job and hardly has enough money for her and her son’s growing needs. It is fortunate that the father of her son shares custody, so half the days of the month she is free. I don’t understand why someone so smart hangs on to a job that doesn’t even use her great potentials. When I discuss this point with her, she breaks down and gets hysterical about losing her job and going hungry. Is there another way to explain to her that she is worth more than she thinks?

Brother, PMA

Dear Brother,

You have proven that not all geniuses have excellent E.Q. It must be God’s sense of balancing graces. I imagine the hell of depression your sister is going through with what you have described. Her coping mechanisms must be strong to see that she still sees the morning. She needs professional help and tons of understanding. Maybe you should not tell her mistakes, what about presenting her with options? You might find the right job for her and ask her to try it out instead of telling her she should look. Some people are like that. It’s hard to talk, yet it is bad when you don’t talk. Maybe it is time to do it. Be her support but show it more than say it.

Just do it,


Dear Manang,

I have recently discovered something about my ex-boyfriend. After a bitter split-up, he did so many things against me, even filing a case of theft. This juicy information would demolish him, the way he ruined my reputation. Although on second thought, I want to wait for karma to work or poetic justice. Shall I be kind?

Kiko, Balacbac

Dear Kiko,

Ellen Degeneres always reminds her audience to be kind to one another. Be kind. Besides, the good karma is always better. Let time be the better judge. Learn to be silent in this situation unless harm will come to others if you keep the information. The rule of thumb is the effect on other people’s well-being. Open the floodgates of truth if others will be harmed.

Be kind,


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