Issue of December 9, 2018

Panagbenga Flower Festival
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I dislike my son’s girlfriend

Dear Manang,

Why am I so opposed to my son’s girlfriend? Why do I dislike her so much when she hasn’t done me any wrong? In fact, she is almost too perfect. She has a good job. She was a multi-awarded student in college. But I am so suspicious about her. What’s wrong with me?

Nette, Guisad Surong

Dear Nette,

It could be a mother’s Electra complex coming to fore. We mothers are attached to our sons and likewise the sons to their mothers. That’s why there are mama’s boys. It could be jealousy too because mothers feel that the girl is getting all the attention from the son. But there is also the gut feeling that something is amiss. You must just catch yourself and check your emotions versus what you are reacting to. Often, sooner or later she might show you what you were fearful of, the tragic flaw in her. Don’t push your son away. Let him discover the fault.

Wait it out,


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