Issue of February 18, 2018
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Death and who will care for my son?

Dear Manang,

It still hurts when I remember my boyfriend who died. Does it ever go away? We had so many plans and dreams. We wanted to work together in New York and actually applied for jobs. I just received my confirmation from the hospital and his mother told me his letter arrived too. I don’t want to go on!

Janna -- Old Lucban, Baguio City

Dear Janna,

I have this theory that we cry at deaths because we forgot to tell the person something or many things. Sudden deaths or even long illnesses still catch us with unsaid words or thoughts. This is also half the hurt. When we feel depressed and sorry for ourselves because we lost a partner or our dreams, it is as if everything goes black. You must be groping in the dark. You were suddenly reminded when your letter arrived about the wonderful plans you had together! This means you must live the dream. He will smile, wherever he is, if you go on. God has plans for you; carry on.

Live the dream,


Dear Manang,

My health is slowly deteriorating. I have a 34-year-old son who has down syndrome. I am an only child and a widow. I have another child who has five children and lives in Davao. Although my son can care for himself, I worry because heaven forbid that if I suddenly die, how will he survive? I heard that in America, they are able to work and help themselves. Here, no one hires people like him. I worry.

Delia -- Ferguson Road, Baguio City

Dear Delia,

Your son is functional! That is one great work you have done for your son. Indeed, in other countries, they believe in helping people like him by giving them jobs and other opportunities. Ours is a country that still needs to treat people with special needs with res-pect. I am sure your other child will take him in. God is good.

Have faith,


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