60th Courier Anniversary Issue
60th Anniversary Issue
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:: Mayoralty Candidates & their vision for Baguio
:: What have we done to our city?
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:: A look at the northern youth vote
:: Shanty Town: rethinking
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:: Preventing cervical cancer
:: Prostate cancer:
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:: Baguio Midland Courier goes online
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:: When headline writers become headline makers
:: The History of Baguio City National High School
:: 60 things to do and places to see in Cordi
:: How to make Baguio a child-friendly city
:: Election Cartoons
With the 14 May 2007 elections heating up, your Baguio Midland Courier believes it could assist the electorate of Baguio more by providing them with the best information available about who their candidates for Mayor are and what they have in store for the city.

What better way to avail of the information than to get it straight from the candidates themselves.

We invited all the nine mayoralty candidates of the city to share, in their own words, “why they merit to be elected Mayor of the city.” Each response was limited to 350 words or less, free of charge, which we hereby publish for your reading pleasure.

For reasons not disclosed, mayoralty candidates Ramon L. Labo and Felipe T. Ramos declined to participate.
Peter Rey A. Bautista
Virgilio F. Bautista
Peter Rey Bautista Virgilio F. Bautista
“Why I Merit to be the Mayor of Baguio City”

I grew up in Baguio. For me, living here has been like growing up together with the city. We may not have a perfect city, but it is our home. And because of this, there is always room to make our home a better place to live in.

I believe in the people of Baguio because I grew up with them. I have seen how we can rise up from the rubble after the July 16 earthquake like the phoenix as someone said. We are a people that know hard, honest work, we know to respect others, and we stay close to family.

I am thankful to the people of Baguio for their trust in me through my years in the corridors of City Hall, growing up there and learning how to make life better from that side of the world.

Our situation is one that has potential for growth opportunities. This is the reason for my having begun work on sustainable programs for the protection of our environment to ensure for safe and adequate water supply and air quality, formulation of a traffic management system, a local shelter plan; an education program to make this accessible and strengthen quality learning; and a plan for better investment climate that will increase employment opportunities, supported by a plan that will encourage entrepreneurship.

With all these plans, there is one critical blueprint that should maintain as the guide: CONSULTATION AND SUSTAINABILITY. Making sure that in everything, we listen to each other and keep that responsible balance between the environment and our use of resources.

The people are the reason why I want to run as Mayor. What fuels this is the passion to see that these programs are completed properly, honestly, without compromising the law; giving back the people’s trust and respecting their hard work that has afforded the city its revenues.

I would like to continue serving the city keeping it safe and clean. Making sure that today; we can begin to be proud of what we are doing.
Program of Governance
I am running as an independent candi-date and I plan to advocate new politics for Baguio.

I promise to provide the needed leadership for the general welfare of Baguio.

Plans for Baguio:
1. To stop conflicts that lead to neglect in solving the numerous problems of our city.

2. To revisit and possibly review the numerous proposals to solve Baguio’s problems, i.e. water, traffic, peace and order.

3. Find the good provisions of the BLIST program as reference for 5- and 10-year development programs of the city.

4. I would like to return the policy of dialogue, public hearings, and consensus-building to address the issues.

5. We will work out a system to increase the city’s income without increasing the rate of taxes or imposing new ones.

6. Introduce some high-tech innovations in law enforcement and apprehension of violators of law and city ordinances.

7. Immediate patching or repair of road potholes on city streets to avoid further deterioration to minimize expenses, regular repainting of pedestrian lanes, regular check-up of drainage systems to prevent flooding, and start clean-up and revival of Balili river from its source.

8. Promote accessible public education in the city by providing sites for at least an elementary school in distant barangays, and empowering the barangays to strengthen efforts to increase revenue.

9. Promote tourism, protect the environment, and provide incentives and rewards to citizen volunteers assisting in civic action work, outreach medical services, and other charitable work, especially in the barangays

10. Adopting a Japanese system of storing water from down spouts for domestic use, and a Chinese technology to produce electric power from our garbage dump.

Vote for Bautista for Mayor para sa serbisyong totoo.
Champion of public education. He has served Baguio the longest in various capacities among the mayoralty candidates.
Siya ay anak ng masa na pag-asa ng lahat.
Guillermo C. Hernandez
Elmo M. Nevada
Hernandez Nevada
Over the past five years, we have become living witnesses to the rapid and rabid deteriorating state of our city. This is manifested by the prevalent corruption, increasing crime rate, proliferation of illegal drugs, unbearable traffic, escalating over population and pollution, not to mention moral decadence among our youth. Unfortunately, these among others are undeniably characteristics of our city at present. Indeed, our city has become tremendously transformed!

Having spent 58 years of residence here, I have seen its incredible changes – changes that ameliorated our city condition despite the 1990 earthquake. I have felt how this city BRAVELY ALBEIT GRADUALLY sprang back to its former glory right after that devastating 1990 incident. Yet, as the city struggled to recapture its roots back into the loose soil, the aforementioned conditions sadly proliferated. Countless measures have been legislated to combat these present societal maladies. Nonetheless, there was futile effort to put teeth into the implementation of such laws.

This present scenario of our beloved city has kindled a fervent desire to be of service to my fellow Baguioeños. Having been born, raised and educated in this city, I strongly believe it is my moral obligation to restore Baguio to the peak of its prosperity and popularity.

My VISION for BAGUIO is for it to become a CITY of PEACE, an EDUCATIONAL HAVEN and lastly A WORLD CLASS CITY that it used to be!
My plan is SIMPLE but TRULY SIGNIFICANT i.e. to eliminate corruption vis-à-vis good governance: to reach out to all constituents particularly the marginalized through self sacrifice and honest service and lastly, to promote viable and sustainable development.

My fellow Baguioeños, the time has come to consider a NEW LEADERSHIP to revive our BELOVED CITY.
Kung Di Ako, Sino?
Kung Di Ngayon Kailan?
Engr. Guillermo “Willie”Hernandez

The “People’s Reform Party” PRP-Baguio is led by a man of integrity, Atty. Elmo M. Nevada, a public servant of Baguio for more than 15 years, a civic leader, qualified and capable of pursuing a platform of government. The party manifests the true Champions of Service. The initiation of reforms, the execution of policies and programs and the sustenance of these programs can only be achieved with the cooperation of the people, PRP and the people of Baguio can reach this goal.

Platform of Government
The party’s spirit to call for reforms imparts the slogan:
Baguio 2007
Reform execute and sustain
The people’s program now and beyond

 REFORM Let us reform and protect and conserve the natural blessings of God, the patrimony where we derive benefits to satisfy our needs and the generations to come as an initiative to attain and preserve a good government.

 EXECUTE through proper participation of the community, the assurance of an effective output fortified by capacity building through education, to realize a disciplined Baguio citizenry.

 SUSTAIN the reforms into doable programs and projects achievable through good governance, transparency and accountability, and good and stable financial management as standards in pursuing the reforms.

7-Point Agenda
1. Focus on Human Capital, Creation of additional jobs.
2. Barangay-First Policy, wherein the different barangays will be given priority for development.
3. Decongestion of the City Market.
4. P1 billion budget target through respon-sible fiscal management.
5. Baguio as a Discipline Zone.
6. Baguio as an eternal Green Zone.
7. Work for the end of the divisiveness of political personalities, civil society and sectoral groupings for a better and One-Baguio City.
This is time for the Nevada sociopolitical party to mobilize the network of change and to effect change in Baguio City towards a culture of caring and towards the new politics.

Bernardo M. Vergara
Leandro B. Yangot Jr.
Vergara Yangot
The platform for a Better Baguio
Tourism. Make Baguio the cleanest and greenest city once again and for all time. Push tourism as a major income-earner. Promote Baguio as an affordable enjoyable tourism destination. Make tourists visit and stay in Baguio for longer time.

Environment. Relocate the Irisan dumpsite to other areas through income-sharing with host BLIST towns. Strengthen barangay-based materials recovery plants for proper waste segregation. Collect biodegradable waste regularly. Implement a consumer-friendly bulk water supply project. Maximize the Asin Hot Springs as energy source. Plant one million trees a year and work for higher survival rate.

Traffic and Transportation. Manage a traffic plan on environment, enforcement, engineering, and education. Implement ordinances on parking, staging areas, traffic routes, and pedestrian safety. Apply effective ways to reduce air pollution in CBD, balancing business concerns in the area.

Education, Health, Social Welfare. Expand funding aid for education, healthcare, social services, especially for marginalized sectors. Strengthen teacher training, equipment upgrade, and facility improvement. Assist college education of poor talented students. Set up Botika ng Barangays for access to affordable medicines. Upgrade affordable healthcare and medication services.
Barangay Development. Encourage dispersal of business activities into other barangays to spread out development. Maximize barangay-based entrepreneurial initiatives. Strengthen barangay governance.

Public Market and Satellite Markets. Carry out a city-managed market modernization in consultation with key stakeholders. Make the public market clean, peaceful and orderly at all times. Upgrade existing satellite markets and develop other barangay sites.
Land Tenure and Homelot Rights. Carry out the segregation and homelot rights award for 13 Camp John Hay and six Forbes Park Reservation barangays. Work to prioritize Baguio long-time residents for public disposable lands. Implement apartment-type socialized housing program for the landless.
Revenue-generation. Use government enterprise function for added revenues. Convert from White Elephants into Working Carabaos the city-acquired Baguio Convention Center, Diplomat Hotel, Hilltop Hotel, etc. Intensify tax mapping services.

Peace and Order. Make Baguio City a police-friendly city at all times. Revive the buddy system of police patrol in the University Belt. Strengthen police presence in outlying barangays. Incentivize barangay tanods and crime watch NGOs.
What We Want to do for Baguio
In running the affairs of Baguio, we will be guided by the basic tenets of democracy: uphold the will of the majority, but protect the minority and listen to the opposition. A Leandro Yangot Jr. administration will make the people participate in the processes of governance to ensure that their essential concerns will be addressed.

Our development efforts will focus on the barangays and respond to the clamor of the basic sectors. Having been Association of Barangay Councils president for more than eight years, I am acquainted with the grassroots people’s problems. They hanker for access to health programs, education, livelihood opportunities, housing, clean air and other basic services. They hope for better roads. Their problems cannot be responded to with more cement structures in the central business district.

We will prioritize the availability of health, education, livelihood opportunities, housing, and other public amenities to the masses. The district clinics and day-care centers must be strengthened with more funding. Where needed, we must establish more. We will embark on barangay-oriented infrastructure transfor-mation. “Cement development” will be concentrated in the depressed barangays.  Baguio’s growth becomes meaningful only when it benefits the barangays and is felt by the basic sectors.

A Leandro Yangot Jr. administration will run the city primarily as an education center and secondarily as a prime tourist destination. Gambling and other activities that undermine societal values will not be tolerated. Solving the garbage problem and adopting a zoning program that augurs well with Baguio’s role as the Education Center of the North will be primordial in our agenda.
Baguio City Hall must stand for the sectors less heard: the people in the barangays,  students, small businesses, senior citizens, indigenous peoples, women, and children. Mayor Leandro Yangot Jr. will institutionalize regular consultations with them and pursue a People’s Congress to map out a comprehensive plan reflective of the various stakeholders’ sentiments. City Hall will force to pay those who have accounts to settle.  We will collect from Camp John Hay Development Corporation the huge amount it owes and use the money for development pursuits.
Braulio D. Yaranon
KKK Program
1. Implement a low-cost Cadastral Type Survey of Disposable Public Lands awarded to or occupied by bona fide informal settlers as a basis for speedy issuance of certificates of titles to qualified home-owners;

2. Establish subs-tantial seed money: (a) to fund interest-free educational loans for deserving students from under privileged families to enable them to pursue technology-science courses; (b) to fund training and to start-up small business for under privileged families; (c) for the promotion of sports, cultural and related activities; and (d) for “Land Banking” to acquire lands within the BLIST area, for reforestation, relocation areas, and dispersal of economic enterprises and educational and social institutions;

3. Engage services of traffic management experts from the Developmental Academy of the Philippines and the University of the Philippines and other sectors to gather data, study, and prepare a feasible traffic management plan to be implemented in Baguio and the BLIST area;

4. Invite the Information Technology experts to help the city assess and facilitate computerization to fast-track processing and payment of Realty Taxes, Business Permits, Building Permits, etc;
5. Work more closely with the DENR, DA, DPWH, DOTC, and other agencies, the Baguio Regreening Movement and other NGO’s, and the barangays to intensify reforestation, regreening, and anti-pollution and anti-smoke belching drives, and establishment and maintenance of mini-forests and gardens to further enhance the natural environment;

6. In view of the failure of negotiations for settlement, fast-track the speedy disposition of the city market Uniwide case, filing of collection cases for the settlement of the city’s share in John Hay rentals; and public revenue illegally collected by Jadewell;

7. Strengthen joint City-PNP anti-crime, anti-vice, anti-drug, and anti-corruption efforts to ensure peace and order, and public security and safety;

8. Provide Phil-Health insurance benefits to at least 100 of the most underprivileged families, including Barangay Tanods in each of the 128 barangays in the city;

9. Maintain PESO Job Fairs and Training Seminars which has provided employment to about 4,800 jobseekers in domestic and foreign companies; and

10. Improve Baguio City’s No. 2 position nationwide in providing alternative learning programs in education.
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