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Panagbenga Flower Festival
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Mea culpa and a Happy New Year

Friday afternoon is the deadline set for columnists of this paper to submit their respective pieces, which is why I keep my Friday mornings to write this column.

Due to the holidays, however, the deadline was moved back to Thursday p.m., and in the morning of that day, my relatives came over to unburden their legal and other woes, and our meeting lasted the way past the lunch hour, leaving me hardly enough time to catch the 5 p.m. deadline.

* * * * * * * * * *

Now if you are as ancient as I am, with senility slowly seeping in, you tend to forget names, places, events, but never a pretty face, one thing that keeps you going without exactly being unfaithful to wonderful memories of the past with your departed loved one.

* * * * * * * * * *

For example, as a former City Prosecutor myself, how could I have forgotten my old boss Erding Balajadia and his Olive, as well as the other Balajadias and Reyeses – Doc Jasmin, nurse Gloria, Betot, and Kardo and his Linda – also the Igamas and Lisings.

And how could I failed to greet former City Prosecutors Fred Centeno and Glo Agunos and her Jun, current Chief Prosecutor Elmer Sagsago and his deputy Berex Catral and his pretty better half and all the rest of the ground floor gang – Rolly V, Meg, Merly, Bryan, Pauline, Molly, Ruth, Nancy, Philip, Christie, Valerie, Josie, Nimia, Manny, Jeff, Alfred, Elnora, Farah, Oliver and staff, Cristy Bill (Bilog), Dean, Thelma, Jahgi, Sam, Efren, and my favorite hopefully soon to be Judge Ramsey S. Also the Bernabes, Crisologos, and Bascos.

* * * * * * * * * *

And I could kick myself for not mentioning Ray Dean Salvosa, but I am sure I included Architect Ben in the Bautista list. Delma too.

And some parts were snipped off for being too long, so let me again greet the Monday and Wednesday clubs of Rosebowl – Espie, Violy, Gloria M, and the rest of the girls, praying for my Minda during her two-year battle with cancer, inviting her to lunch or merienda every week (my eternal gratitude ladies).

* * * * * * * * * *

And here’s something funny. Every night or whenever I meditate, I never fail to pray for my old friend, Benny Arreola, and I unforgivably forgot to greet his family – Lydia, Jason, Jebby, Joy, Judy Ann and the Orig family, Eddie et. al and the Palaroans – Atom, John, Joseph and mom Betty, as well as the other Genovas. Also the Cimatus, Abads, Velosos, and all my New Lucban neighbors – the Frondas, Villalons, Batcagans, Atitiws, the family of the late Mang Rollie, and the late Joe Tullo.

* * * * * * * * * *

Pressed for time and space, let me just tick off all my other friends in no particular order, although I might again miss out on many others.

Here goes – Dr. Julie Cabato and Doctora Paz, Jojo and Maggs, the doctors and nurses of the Cabato clinic - Doctors Judy Yan and Alcantara, Doctora Felina Adefuin (when I talk “intelligent,” her name always comes to mind; Doctor and Doctora Rodriguez, the Notre Dame medical and nursing staff, nurse Shelly and all the other nurses who attended to my Minda when she became bedridden, the Buenos headed by Mang Condring, Gob Fongwan – I also remember I wrote that Abe and Veron de Castro and his family will always be friends even if Baguio falls apart, the wagwag boys, John, Steve, Clayton, Romel, Jaime, and their tribe; all the Baguio magistrates, my friends Judge Ligaya and Judge Bob and family in particular, Greg and Mrs. Abalos and the Abalos clan, the Tanduyogs, the Narvaez and Biscocho familias, headed by my frat brod Dr. Roger Narvaez, and his bro Jimmy, the Nassrs (Hey there, John), Rondezes. Laperals, Sta Marias, Munsayacs, the Salenga and Visperas family, Drs Diony and Louella, Atty. Libby and all the Claridads and Rilleras, the Cariños and Caoilis, the Dominguezes, Vic and Doctora Agcaoili, old friends Rolly Panagan and Ador Panglao and their families, Noe V and Joris, lawyers par excellence, third – and Che and their lawyer daughter Kahera Grace, Blue, Kulot, Otep and the cockfight aficionados club – etc., Baguio boys and gals, and the ever unbowed with heads held high Ibaloi nation headed by my nephews Cinto, Walter and Anjing, and the Palispis family junior and his friends Wilbert Cuaya, Edong and cousins and in-laws and the Wongs and Galeras, and nephew Jimmy.

* * * * * * * * * *

And thank you to Dra. Sherry Ong-Cunanan and the Ong family of Fortune Restaurant, the Paragon and Golden Pine Hotels for the sumptuous baked chicken and Korean stew. Rene, Victor, Rollie and I are hoping to be invited to another wagyu dinner.

Happy New Year to a 100 million of my countrymen.

Laban, Filipinas!

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