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Last call for applicants to the Philippine Law School Admission Test

We have clearly grown old. Our senses are not what they used to be. Last Wednesday, it was reported that not one, but three, earthquakes hit Baguio during the daytime.

And to think that we did not feel even just one of them. Perhaps that is the advantage of being a senior citizen. We do not easily panic anymore. How can we panic when we do not even feel the earthquake?

* * * * * * * * * *

Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo is appealing to media to tone down their reports on extrajudical killings (EJK) because they are adversely affecting efforts to promote the Philippines as a tourist destination.

Perhaps if Sec. Teo appeals to the President to tone down his rhetoric on his war on drugs, EJKs and his unmitigated public insults hurled against foreign leaders, governments and agencies, the media would have nothing to report on. Better still EJKs should be ordered stopped altogether. Then there would be nothing to tone down.

* * * * * * * * * *

The President wants the scheduled October barangay elections to be postponed. Incumbent barangay officials have no reason to celebrate however. They will not continue in a hold-over capacity. The President suspects that many barangay officials are into the drug trade, or will be supported by drug lords.

The President wants the elections postponed, but also wants all incumbent barangay officials removed, and he will replace them with his own appointees.

That is perhaps easier said than done. A law must first be passed to legalize the President’s desire, and then again, how will Malacanang ever come up with a list of reliable and competent drug-free replacements?

As it is, there are still many vacant high positions in the Executive department and they have not been filled. Imagine the nightmare if thousands of barangay officials would have to be replaced?

* * * * * * * * * *

Last Friday, March 24, would have been a make or break meeting between Law deans and the Legal Education Board (LEB) regarding the impending Philippine Law School Admission Test (PhilSAT). The PhilSAT is scheduled to take place on April 16.

Many Law deans, especially in the Visayas and Mindanao are up in arms against the PhilSAT. Some are even contemplating filing an action for injunction against the exercise.

As a result of the many complaints, the LEB has decided to accommodate the following changes: (a) took out the grade requirement of 82, (b) lowered the passing score, (c) will consider the possibility of allowing those who failed the test to enroll, subject to the requirement of the dean submitting a letter justification, and (d) lowered of the exam fee from P1,500 to P1,000.

Many Law deans are not however satisfied. Thus the March 24 meeting has been arranged between Law deans from all over the country and the members of the LEB.

Since this column has to be submitted on the day before the crucial confrontation is to be held, we do not know what happened and cannot write about it.

Our sense however is that the LEB will not back down and that the PhilSAT will be held as scheduled. For aspiring Law students from the Northern Luzon area, the testing center shall be in Baguio.

Applicants have only until April 3 to register. Online registration is allowed. To show that the PhilSAT has somehow affected the entry of apiring students into Law school, there were only 2,217 registered examinees all over the country, as of March 20. It is either they have not been informed, cannot afford the registration cost and the cost to travel to the testing sites, or do not feel adequate to take the exams. But with the low turn-out, many Law schools will struggle to survive.

If you really want to enter Law school you better register now. The PhilSAT will not be strictly applied this year, as it obviously is yet on an experimental stage. Next year will most probably be different.

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