60th Courier Anniversary Issue
60th Anniversary Issue
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trisha Baguio Midland Courier goes online
Harley Palangchao

When the great man and Baguio Midland Courier founder Sinai C. Hamada wrote this paper’s first editorial on April 28, 1947, he humbly announced the birth of a fair, fearless, friendly, and free paper and vowed to the readers that this paper will go somewhere. There was no turning back.

Today, the Baguio Midland Courier marks another milestone in print newspapering by bringing to the reader’s attention the latest important news and events as they unfold through its web address www.baguiomidlandcourier.com.ph.

Yes, your paper is going somewhere as promised. Baguio Midland Courier is venturing on things that interest the public rather than things that interest us.

 As we mark our 60th anniversary, this paper humbly announces the launching of its website, which would surely keep Baguio residents and Filipinos abroad abreast with the latest news and information in the Cordilleras and its environs, at your fingertips.

You might ask us why only now. Our humble answer is that your paper always sees to it that we want to venture in things carefully conceptua-lized and we want to sustain it the best we can.

It is not that this paper is being threatened with a recent report that the days of newspapers are numbered that’s why many papers are going online. The paper strongly believes that serious and responsible journalism will not die in print. In fact, this paper has had the highest circulation among all regional papers in the Cordilleras over the past six decades.

The paper’s website is being launched just as recent studies show that websites of top newspapers worldwide are going strong despite a noted decline in the circulation of print newspapers in wake of the online media revolution.

Last night, while surfing the Internet, I accidentally read a blog of one Baguio resident, who I presumed left the country and now resides abroad. In her blog, she featured the Baguio Midland Courier.

A portion of her entry blog reads: “Midland Courier was our local newspaper then. I am not sure if it still is. Everything you wanted to know about Baguio was there. If you want to know who passed away that week, it will be there complete with the information about the dead’s immediate relatives, where his body is lying, when the burial is, etc. If the dead had a few children from somewhere, everyone would be looking at the obit to find out if all his children were included.”

One reader, another Baguio resident named “Watson,” who now resides abroad, posted a comment if this paper still exists after he left Baguio City in the 90s’ and wonders if the paper has a website.

“When I was in college (early to mid-‘90s), Baguio    Midland Courier was still very much alive. My friend used to deliver this newspaper to street vendors, and I used to help him in his deliveries,” Watson said.

An anonymous reader also posted a comment saying: “I used to read that old newspaper when I was in Baguio. I wish somebody take it to the World Wide Web so I can still read it online.”

Thanks to the dedicated team from the Baguio Midland Courier editorial room, who completed their five-month training on website design and development to ensure that the paper’s website would be at par with other websites.

 Their training was completed last week, accomplishing 100 hours of lectures and hands-on activities for almost ten hours a week.

As Joel Co, one of the members of the team puts it, “Launching the Baguio Midland Courier website is a way of serving our fellowmen.” Joel is the most senior among the team working for the paper for the almost 14 years now.

Such vision is shared by other team members Aries Yap, Roldan Caroy, and Melody Castro, who, as a team, will serve as the webmasters of the online version of the paper. The team, of course, loves to take up challenges.

“There was excitement and enthusiasm to become skilled at creating a website. Never mind the extra tasks as long as it will give satisfaction to the people,” was the common answer of the team when asked what came to their minds when the idea of having an online version for the paper was brought to their attention.

With Internet access available even in the hinterlands of this landlocked region, the web team said they expect a boost in readership of this paper as avid readers, who have migrated to different countries, will have access to the latest news and information.

“We expect that more people from different countries will always be updated on issues and concerns that have impacts on their lives even if they are away from home,” the team added.

 As starters in website design and development, Joel, Aries, Roldan, and Melody vowed to be innovative, saying the paper’s website needs continuous improvement to make it presentable and user-friendly.

 “As a team of new website moderators, we see the need to continuously improve the website to capture the attention of the readers and help shape public opinion on pressing issues and concerns,” they added.

True enough; the web moderators do not presume they know  everything, which means that worthwhile  comments and suggestions from the readers on how to improve the website are most welcome. After all, you, readers, are our partners in advocating for a paper that’s fair, fearless, friendly, and free.

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