Issue of November 5, 2017

Panagbenga Flower Festival
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Inked and exposing our side

Having no tattoo, doesn’t mean one is pure and clean.

I want to urge you all not to “basag our trip.” Yes a tattoo may make us look dirty or an ‘addict’ in your eyes but everything written on our bodies, whether it is an animal, a name, a quote or a face, it has a meaning – a deep meaning that narrow-minded people won’t understand!

When I decided to have my first tattoo, which is an infinity sign with a “dad” on it, my kith and kin did not hide their disgust. They started disliking me. Even our neighbors thought I am into drugs and fraternity. I kept on justifying my decision to them and that really made me so sick of explaining. I became distant and cold; but now they fully understand that my tattoo is “my charm to disarm all the harm!”

Others may have all the judgments they want to pass to us but we have a reason why we will choose to ignore and just let them say what they want to say. We have the right to do what we want with our body. And even though some will use our tattoo to discourage, to condemn, and to judge our appearance, our personality, our belief, and our religion, we don’t care. For as long as we are true to ourselves and we sincerely honor God and we remain intentionally valuing all His creations, we will always be human, just like you – imperfect but perfectly loved, never by this world but always by the Mighty One. Inked or not, we all have a place in Heaven.

So to my brads, what's your next design? Please, kebs na lang to those who like to judge. That only proves that they are more gross than what they think we are. Ganyan talaga ang ibang tao, ang tingin nila sa iba parang sarili nila. And also, please ensure your health. Siguraduhing bago mga gagamitin sa ‘yo okay?

To the tattoo haters, sorry pero hindi kami kuripot sa sarili naming balat. Sorry because you won’t get any money or fame bothering yourself about our tattoo. You can rather examine yourself, focus on improving yourself, and give compliments to others. Please stop calling us demonic or evil. Stop trying to make us feel bad about ourselves just because we have tattoo. Because just like our heart, which is unseen, so is the goodness we share and perform. We may have tattooed hands and feet that make us look untidy, but we take courage and confidence knowing that, at least, our heart is not polluted by intense hate, dreadful curse, and one-sided rebuke. We are not against you kahit wala kang tattoo. If our tattoo can give you no good, so do your blah-blahs to us.

There is more than what we see on the outside. Look inside. Search deeper. Appreciate everything and understand more. Our tattoo gives us some things that others’ discouragements will never give us. Sorry to upset but I am proud that I have a meaningful tattoo.

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