Issue of April 15, 2018

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A post by a blogger said that “Our education systems need to change to educate our youth now.”

No, our education system is just right. If a person really needs and wants to be educated, he must persevere and have a lot of determination.

If you cannot afford the cost of education, the government, international organizations, and various non-government organizations offer numerous scholarship grants to less-privileged but deserving youths. You need to help yourself. Be responsible enough.

Our country offers quality education. What we lack is inculcating responsibility to the younger generation, to the learners. At present, majority of the degree holders are going abroad, looking for greener pastures, looking for higher paying jobs with better benefits. Yes, our country provides quality education and focuses on producing globally competitive graduates. Where does the government’s responsibility end? Where does ours begin?

Achieving things is a matter of having the initiative, lots of it. Currently, the majority is so used to having someone save them from everything. Lost house to a fire? Wait for the National Housing Authority to make or provide one for you. No food because of a storm? Wait for donations from other countries. It will soon arrive at your storm-battered area. Just wait.

I think this waiting for things to happen can be considered mental disability. Waiting for thing to happen, instead of making things happen has negative effects. It hinders one from trying, doing whatever they can to survive, from trying to study while working, from trying to apply for scholarships.

People who just wait for things to happen believe someone is on his way to save them so they wait, wait, and wait some more.

The country’s education system is like a peach. It has holes and scratches but it provides more positive things. We only need to be responsible enough to achieve tpositive things.

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