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The lucky one

Lucky is the one who has someone, not something. You are lucky if you have someone who checks up on you every time. You are lucky if you have a living diary you can tell your secrets to. You are lucky if you have someone whom you can tell your drama. You are lucky if you have a shoulder to cry on when you’re down and arms that can hold you when you’re weak. You are beyond lucky if you come home to someone asking you how your day went. Yes, you are lucky if you have someone to whom you can tell everything.

Material things can’t fill up the gap in your life. You need someone who will stand beside you regardless of what goes on with your life. You need someone who will walk with you throughout your journey. Imagine a hand you can hold when you’re lost; an ear that can listen to your struggles; eyes that will watch you achieve your goals; mouth that will tell what’s the best for you. This will make your journey easier and your problems more manageable. Indeed, no man is an island. In this world full of uncertainties, you will need someone beside you. If you have someone you could laugh with, you are lucky because not everyone has that someone.

Some are star-crossed, which triggers their depression. Imagine walking alone, getting lost, and no one to run to. Imagine facing the darkness alone, no eyes to watch over you, no hands to hold on to. Imagine having everything in this world but having no one to share it with.

They say you have to learn to be independent and you have to stand alone. But being alone is not good all the time. So if you know someone who got no company, do not blame them if they think of horrible thoughts. You should never judge someone walking alone, because they might have no other choice. You do not have an idea what they have been through and what they are going through. If you then have the chance, find someone who can walk with you.

If you see someone wandering around, wander with them, they might need someone to walk beside them. You might be the person who could save them from giving up on life.

Lucky is the one who has someone, and so is someone who ends up with a companion.

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