Issue of December 3, 2017

Panagbenga Flower Festival
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1.    Concerned quarters will review attempts to unseat the President, as they are worried that the Presidential Electoral Tribunal might soon decide in favor of Bongbong Marcos.

2.    The designer of the Christmas Village at Malcolm Square has forgotten to present a manger representing the birth of Jesus Christ instead of animals mistaken for aliens.

3.    Shutting down the operation of a small-scale mining near the Bued River along Kennon Road is next to impossible, as the owner is a financier of politicians during elections.

4.    The number of people who attended the RevGov event in Baguio City indicates that the Duterte magic does not work when the invited ‘esteemed’ guest’s integrity is tarnished.

5.    Barangay officials could be charged for allowing residents to use a newly paved Road along City Camp as a dog house corner, aside from allowing illegal parking therein.

6.    Even the newly paved road at Rock Quarry is also being used as permanent parking area for private cars, which should not have been registered with LTO in the first place.

7.    The campaign on illegal drugs will not be sustained as envisioned by the President if heads of agencies and departments tasked to implement it are now campaigning for 2019.

8.    A law enforcement officer is quick to insinuate that drug lords or the Yellow army are behind a well-detailed account exposing a possible case of EJK on three drug suspects.

9.    By now, the city government should consider weighing options on how to push through with the city public market development over reports that Uniwide has a debt of P5.5 B.

10. Organizers of a Christmas show did not fail to invite the chief executive to be part of the event launching, as the former was out of town for another equally urgent engagement.

11. Worse than the political butterflies, this group that benefited from the questionable projects of the previous administration are now rubbing elbows with allies of Malacañang.

12. Filipinos praised the Canadian prime minister when he visited a homegrown fast food chain but trolls quickly condemned him after raising the issue on human rights.

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