Issue of June 18, 2017

Plus Juan
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1.    People of Abra know the suspects in the recent assassination of a former vice governor, who was still perceived as a formidable politician in the province.

2.    The culture of respect still reigns in politics in Mountain Province, as politicians prefer not to speak about future politics at the wake of the late congressman.

3.    A know-it-all politician is becoming a laughing stock every time he speaks widely on several problems and controversies even if it is beyond his limited knowledge.

4.    Photographs would tell that a kin of this politician has constructed a mansion at the contested communal forest in the locality that is a subject of adverse claims.

5.    The open/close situation at the Nacagang detour in Mountain Province could be a test on the ability of local officials to pressure DPWH to finish the bridge project.

6.    This statesman and his covert associate in his future political bid have not started acquiring properties from benefactors known as financiers of questionable activity.

7.    Concerned Baguio officials could be sued for breach of contract with the supplier of the two expensive ERS machines, who failed to purchase the compost fertilizers.

8.    This lawyer who has made quite a reputation is not taking advantage of desperate clients even if they resort to forum shopping to stop a takeover of a government lot.

9.    The substandard implementation of a retaining wall in a riverbank in Mountain Province shows there is poor monitoring of projects like those that collapsed last year.

10. This government executive has not shown strong support to this anti-illegal drugs campaign until his name was mentioned as a partner even without doing something.

11. This paramilitary group should send its fierce members to the troubled South instead of being involved in real estate speculations in the city and nearby localities.

12. There is no stereotyping and prejudice towards Muslims when authorities started to do profiling of individuals, who came from the troubled South to seek refuge in CAR.

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