Issue of March 26, 2017
Mt. Province

Panagbenga Flower Festival
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1.    This regional director has ignored the “no solicitation” policy by requesting lechon, aside from cash and GCs from a private firm when the President was in Baguio.

2.    Pirated optical media items are openly sold in every nook and cranny in Baguio since law enforcement agencies only conduct raids when top OMB officials are in the city.

3.    The PNP leadership, not this police officer, should be blamed for not submitting a list of qualified applicants, which the mayor believes can stop crimes and gambling.

4.    It is the culture of impunity, not the prepared speech of the Vice President, that made the international community worry about the disrespect for human rights in the country.

5.    Structures built at the Baguio Dairy Farm are being expanded with concrete materials since the city and the local police force are afraid of this paramilitary group anyway.

6.    Loyal supporters think they could be pardoned from the rule of Martial Law by simply informing police and military authorities they are die-hard supporters of the President.

7.    Even without bidding, this director of a line agency is making deals with a Region II-based “consultant” for the development plan of a prime area along Marcos Highway.

8.    It’s ironic that PCOO inaugurated a state-of-the-art media office yet this news service agency under its supervision could only compensate stringers an average of P500 a month.

9.    The move of this city honorable in proposing for the amendment of the number coding ordinance is not self-serving since he and his padrinos will not benefit from it.

10. Patronage is a non-issue even if members of this group overseeing the screening and selection of outstanding citizens can nominate individuals known to them.

11. A wealthy and influential person from the North is not financing this group of self-styled members of the fourth estate by acting like trolls discrediting the Vice President.

12. With no untoward incident happening during the PMA graduation rites, the leadership of the PNPA reconsidered its earlier decision not to invite the embattled Vice President.

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