Issue of November 5, 2017

Panagbenga Flower Festival
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1.    Due to concerns during peak season such as the horrific traffic, thousands of Baguio residents are grateful every time an oblivious citizen calls for tourists to boycott the city.

2.    This Malacañang official is not considered by his colleagues as a disgrace to the profession after he chided the Palace on extrajudicial killing, but not after his appointment.

3.    This local leader has made sure that no questionable deals have been agreed upon while a ranking official was not around for an official out-of-town engagement.

4.    This newly appointed Malacañang official is not the insecure leader, who once insisted to be the keynote speaker of a Baguio event but the city chose another speaker.

5.    Up to now, one of the much-publicized transformation projects involving a cluster of barangays has not taken off after photo-ops and the first project is behind completion.

6.    Several villagers who are relatives of those who petitioned the “Concert in the Clouds” were a no-show during the day but became visible when Gary V performed.

7.    An active Filipino general could face plunder charges in the future after he was put to custody and questioning for bringing over $600,000 while entering an American soil.

8.    The suspect in the shooting to death of a jail officer years ago remains scot-free, as the CCTV near the crime scene surprisingly was not working due to swift blackout.

9.    Another casino aficionado from Benguet has informed his wife their SUV was possibly carnapped when he retailed it for a measly P350,000 from a selling price of over P700K.

10. This luminary has made quite a reputation for writing corporations and private firms offering his services then telling the public he is the most sought after adviser.

11. The monstrous traffic felt especially within Baguio’s central business district during the long holiday was creepier than the ghost stories and Halloween parade of students.

12. The sincerity of Malacañang in condemning oligarchs has been put to question after a set of photographs showing Cabinet officials having dinner meeting with oligarchs came out.

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