Issue of October 1, 2017
Mt. Province

Panagbenga Flower Festival
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1.    This political kingpin did not play a major role in influencing the outcome of the highly-contested bidding for a national sports event that has made one LGU to withdraw its bid.

2.    Those behind the instillation of three sultans for Baguio and Benguet should not expect they would be fully accorded the rights and privileges enjoyed by genuine sultans.

3.    This national search that encourages public support in the social media has not indirectly exposed that this personality in Baguio has a child born out of wedlock.

4.    This ‘onion-skinned’ Malacañang official has been busy reading adverse posts against him in social media and don’t want to be blamed for the unpaid purse of a boxer.

5.    The monstrous traffic in Baguio and nearby La Trinidad is not among the major reasons why the two LGUs failed in their bid to co-host the 2018 Palarong Pambansa to Vigan.

6.    In a display of sportsmanship, Baguio and Benguet officials congratulated Vigan as host of the 2018 Palarong Pambansa while the other bidders simply left the hall.

7.    The requirement for parking space is not strictly observed by LTO in registering private vehicles as evidenced by the numerous cars parked on public roads in the city.

8.    The Congress deliberation on medical marijuana does not prevent the police and PDEA from pursuing an anti-illegal drug operation in remote marijuana-laden barangays.

9.    Efforts to ban the cooking of street foods at the night market is being pushed by officials who do not only consider the practice as a waste disposal but also a public health issue.

10. The proposed regulation of schools run by Muslims in Baguio is an effort not suggested by a powerful foreign state but to ensure that extremism is not inculcated to students.

11. This regional executive is being watched for possible transgressions, which can be used as basis in a discreet move to relieve him from his post due to poor performance.

12. Patrons availing the service of one of the facilities of this religious institution were confused by an advisory riddled with wrong grammar and poor sentence construction.

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