Issue of September 2, 2018
Mt. Province

70th Courier Anniversary Issue
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1.    The cash sponsorships from a construction firm and a giant mall for this controversial run event given to a City Hall employee didn’t appear in the list of sponsors or donors.

2.    Equally urgent national issues such as the 10 million jobless Filipinos are things that Malacañang must give priority to, other than the war on drugs that brings divisiveness.

3.    This province is becoming the dumping capital of cadavers from other areas that are reported as criminal elements engaged in alleged illegal drugs trade.

4.    A government agent cannot openly discuss his observation that some of those who were reportedly killed due to criminal activities are total strangers in the localities.

5.    The one who is really bitter for not receiving financial aid from a recent event is the same person who approached the event organizers and promised to defend them.

6.    Something is not right when new routes allowing PUVs to enter and hold terminals in Baguio are being granted to transport groups without the approval of the city council.

7.    Delicadeza must prevail in an office after the husband was promoted to a supervisory post while the wife is a regular worker in the same office, which violates the CSC rule.

8.    People wonder why buy bust money were recovered from slain drug suspects when there was no mention in the PNP blotter that a buy bust occurred before the shootout.

9.    The Philippine Team could win gold in wushu in the Asian Games if MMA fighters from the Cordillera would be allowed to compete like the professional PBA players.

10. There’s no truth to information that a group or individuals who belong to respected organization have their own choices on who would be awarded outstanding citizens.

11. The number of those who perished during typhoon and monsoon rains last month is not properly reported due to the zero casualty target in a region that is prone to disaster.

12. The radio advertisement of a Cabinet official promoting the well being of Filipinos is designed to get people’s support for his 2019 political bid even he knows he is a loser.

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