Issue of October 17, 2021
Mt. Province

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Lamentably, we are once again witness to another calamity, the scale of which has been likened to biblical times. Middle of last week, heavy rains and howling winds buffeted up storm surges – their sheer intensity and volume never been seen before – that ravaged central Philippines and, in a few hours, created cataclysmic super typhoon conditions that killed thousands of people, rendered millions homeless, and destroyed billions worth of property.

It wasn’t long ago that we were witness to, if not victims of, the 1990 killer quake, the 1991 Mt. Pinatubo eruption, and the 2009 Ondoy and Pepeng tragedies. The human suffering and deprivation we saw then, we see again today. And we are overwhelmed. But, we cannot just sit idly by and do nothing. So, as we did before and rightly do today, we call upon you again for your solidarity and compassion in this time of great adversity and misfortune for many of our countrymen.

Your Baguio Midland Courier would like to solicit your help for the millions of Filipinos who suffered through the terrifying onslaught of Super Typhoon Yolanda and are in dire need of aid.

Donations in cash or in kind can be dropped off at the Baguio Midland Courier offices at No. 16 Kisad Road, Baguio City. All donations received will be logged and (and if received before 5:00 P.M. of Friday) will be acknowledged in the pages of the Courier’s Sunday and online editions.

You can also course your cash donations through:

IF IN PESOS: Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Account No.: 008123-0028-07 with Account name: Baguio Printing & Publishing / Baguio Midland Courier, and Routing No.: CH005873 and Swift Code: BOPIPHMM

IF IN DOLLARS: Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Account No.: 008124-0007-43 with Account name: Baguio Midland Courier, and Routing No.: CH005873 and Swift Code: BOPIPHMM

For your donations to be properly acknowledged, please fax or scan and email the bank transaction slip with your name, address and contact number to 074-443-9485 or to <>.

Donors may also give items in kind – like ready to eat foods that have a shelf life of at least 3 months, potable water in sealed containers, formula milk for infants, toiletries and bath items. Other items in great demand include blankets, bed linen, slippers, towels, and medicines. We would like to discourage the donation of used clothing as we foresee the problem of transporting them. Anyway, the Philippine Red Cross has said that it has “enough used clothing to distribute around.” Donors unable to drop off their donations at the Courier offices may call 074-442-2444 or 074-442-6462 to arrange for pick-up. Also, groups or institutions willing to partner with the Courier in this drive are welcome to do so. You can also help by posting / sharing this appeal in your Facebook and/or Twitter networks.

The duration of this drive is tentatively set until December 15, 2013. The committee-in-charge will make arrangements with a credible relief organization for a weekly turnover of donations. At the end of the drive, a complete accounting and reporting of turn over details will be published in the Sunday and online editions of the Baguio Midland Courier.

Much remains to be done. Know that your outpouring of sympathy and generosity will enormously help in averting a greater humanitarian crisis.

Please give and give generously! Maraming salamat po.



Baguio Midland Courier
Management, Staff & Employees 
P 100,000.00
Jay & Pam Gementera
$ 200.00
Janice Calosa
P 500.00
Fabulo Beauty & Image Salon
P 5,000.00
Mother Earth Deli Basket
P 5,000.00
Sadayuki & Christina Murata Y 10,000.00
Jonas Sharma P 1,000.00
Joliza L. Kilaan P 2,000.00
Emilia B. Hamada P 5,000.00
Bree Hamada P 1,000.00
Gilbert Seth Terminez P 3,000.00
SLU-COM Class of 1980 c/o Dr. Ardenliz Regalado Garcia P 20,000.00
Junichiro & Nenita Okayama Y 10,000.00
Liza Trajano Y 10,000.00
Ian & Tristan G. Mabalot P 1,000.00
Luis F. Garas Sr. P 2,000.00
Roger G. Dulnuan P 1,000.00
AJ, Jea and Aaron Ventura P 1,000.00
Cris Ventura P 500.00
Jonathan Pascual P 200.00
Joel T. Awicdi P 400.00
Joel Addamo P 500.00
Trof and Colleen P 500.00
John Casuga P 500.00
Ofelia Lynne Salon P 600.00
Aries Yap P 500.00
Jaime Gacayan P 500.00
Yana and Tantan Molintas P 500.00
Karen Co P 500.00
Nelson Rante P 500.00
N.T. Ragaza and Family P 500.00
Nestor Gamundoy P 500.00
Felix Mariano P 200.00
Jaime Kindipan P 200.00
Lawrence Bagsiao P 200.00
Jimmy Laking P 500.00
Analyn Basilio P 200.00
Charles Kier Stefan D. Oyan P 1,000.00
Filomena M. Vistro P 10,000.00
Florante D. Bantales P 1,000.00
Alfredo Damatac P 500.00
Renato C. Dacones P 5,000.00
Lagrimas Opiña P 500.00
Corrie & Benedict Peningeo P 10,000.00
Family Marketing P 2,000.00
Romelyn Malla-ao P 300.00
May Malla-ao P 300.00
Rochanda Malla-ao P 200.00
Genesis Malla-ao P 200.00
Hilda D. Tadaoan P 2,000.00
Perfecto F. Fiaching P 200.00
Tony Guyguyon Jr. P 1,000.00
Kate Guyguyon P 200.00
Magsaysay Private Road Newly & Re-elected Barangay Officials P 12,000.00
Federico R. Eslao P 500.00
Philip A. Jenkins P 2,000.00
Paulus Jude & Trina Ferrer P 1,000.00
Christian Orille P 500.00
Paulito and Laurie Jean Mandia P 2,500.00
Baguio City Market thru BAMARVACO and BAMARVEMCO P 15,000.00
Baguio’s Finest Credit Cooperative P 5,000.00
E.J. and Von Ruiz P 1,000.00
Jessa Polonio P 250.00
Aileen Refuerzo P 250.00
Jordz Ivan C. Ramos P 2,500.00
George Steven C. Ramos P 2,500.00
Lito Cabradilla P 400.00
Cabasal, Velasco and Lazaga families P 4,500.00
Baguio Federation of Women’s Club P 5,000.00
Inishowen Community County, Donegal, Republic of Ireland P 94,000.00
c/o Arnie Tello Tayoco  
Rullan V. Lais P 4,000.00
Quezon Hill National High School P 3,000.00
St. Joseph De Mary Learning Center P 2,000.00
Aby K. Weygan P 1,500.00
Far East Pacific Commercial Management & Staff P 5,000.00
Nellie C. Casildo P 1,000.00
Nelly Joy Y. Soriano P 1,000.00
Camp 7 Jeepney Operators’ and Driver’s Association P 30,000.00
Thunderbirds Association of the Cordillera and Suburbs, Inc. P 5,500.00
SLU-School of Natural Sciences, Dept. of Radiologic Technology & P 2,000.00
Medical Laboratory  Science c/o Keveen V. Lerma  
Pine Tree Transit (Dangwa Bus) P 5,000.00
UCCP-Baguio Educational Center P 11,610.00
Sringhills Elementary School Loakan P 1,480.00
Puguis Elementary School P 2,100.00
Pines City National High School P 91,170.50
Kramned and Terrence Monang P 300.00
Lapis at Papel and Friends P 5,000.00
Domingo De Jesus and Family P 1,000.00
Sparadise Baguio & Sigma Beta Baguio Assembly P 5,200.00
Santo Tomas National High School P 9,071.60
Bibak Winnipeg Darts Club P 4,891.41
c/o Jogin Tamayo  
Holy Name Society, Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral P 8,450.00
Javen and Jezelei Manangan P 1,000.00
Agustin Basawil and Family P 1,000.00
Florence Broňola P 500.00
Carlos Oseo P 300.00
5-A Class, San Luis National High School, Pugo, La Union P 2,000.00
Pinget National High School, Baguio City P 9,213.00
Shoshin-Kinderhilfe Julian Chees Foundation, Germany P 100,000.00
Pupil Government, GSP & BSP, Bekkel Elementary School, Beckel, L.T.B. P 7,000.00
Marc Ferdinand Diagan, Villamor St., Baguio City P 500.00
Dr. Bophrabhu Sangar, Libya P 1,650.00
Jose B. Acbayaan P 600.00
Kibungan Municipal Employees Mult. Cooperative P1,000.00
Poblacion, Kibungan, Benguet  
Faith Internet Cafe and Customers P2,000.00
Barangay Virac, Itogon, Benguet P33,350.00
Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants P5,615.00
Saint Louis University  

P 726,301.51

(P 251,377.60)

Ador Ventura    
50 kgs       Rice
    100 cans Sardines, 155 gms
Joel Co 50 kgs Rice
  200 pks Instant Noodles
Dianne Garas 100 kgs Rice
Harley Palangchao 50 kgs Rice
Lopez, Go and Silverio families 72 bot Mineral Water, 500ml
  100 cans Sardines, 155g
  72 pks Instant Noodles, 55g
Joannette Paramio 70 bot Mineral Water, 500ml
  58 pks Assorted Ready to Eat Ulam, 85g
Headstart Play and Learn Montessori 99 pcs Instant Noodles, 55g
  87 pcs Baby Diapers
  58 pcs Candles
  29 sachets Toothpaste, 13g
  29 sachets Shampoo, 16ml
  29 pcs Bath Soap, 60g
  29 pcs Bathroom Tissue
  29 pcs Matches
  29 pcs Toothbrush
  10 cans Sardines, 155g
  3 pks Assorted Biscuits
Alah Sungduan & Rima Opiña 5 pcs Brand New Blankets
Soledad S. Baani 312 bot Mineral Water, 500ml
  75 kgs Rice
Atty. Delmar Carino 1 Dozen Brand New Ladies’ Undergarments
  1 Dozen Brand New Men’s Undergarments
Hanna Lacsamana 20 cps Toothbrush
  15 sachets Toothpaste, 30 g
  10 pcs Bath Soap, 60 g
Paulito and Laurie Jean Mandia 1 pc Brand New Blanket
  1 pc Brand New Bath Towel
Baguio City Jail – Female Dorm 212  sachets Shampoo, 12ml
  144 pcs Instant Noodles, 55g
  100 pcs Bath Soap, 60g
  80 pcs Bar Soaps, 150g
  48 pcs Toothpaste, 30g
  25 cans Sardines, 155g
Headstart Play and Learn Montessori 61 pcs Bath Soap, 60g
  56 sachets Shampoo, 16ml
  50 packs Assorted Ready to Eat Ulam, 85g
  50 cans Sausage, 130g
  50 sachets Toothpaste, 30g
  42 pcs Toothbrush
  39 pcs Instant Noodles, 55g
  22 rolls            Bathroom Tissue
  15 packs Biscuits
St. Louis Boys’ High School Batch 1992 500 kgs Rice
  2 sets BP Aneroid & Stethoscope Kit
Sizzling Plate 100 pcs Brand New T-Shirts
School of Thoughts Integrated 180 pcs Toothbrush
Learning Experience   180 sachets Toothpaste, 10g
  180 pcs Bath Soap, 42g
  180 pcs Shampoo, 16ml
  115 pcs Dipper
  34 sachets Shampoo, 14ml
  17 sachets Bathsoap, 55g
  27 pcs Instant Noodles, 55g
  5 cans Sardines, 155g
  2 cans Ready to Eat Ulam, 155g
  2 cans Corn Beef, 100g
Choice For You English Academy 4,000 tabs Paracetamol, 500mg
  1,500 tabs Ascorbic Acid, 500mg
  1,000 caps Mefenamic Acid, 500mg
  1,000 caps Loperamide, 2mg
  500 caps Carbocisteine, 500mg
  500 caps Multivitamins with Iron, 500mg
  500 caps Paracetamol + Ibuprofen, 500mg
  500 caps Diclofenac, 500mg
  50 bot Paracetamol, 250mg/60ml
  40 bot  Paracetamol, 125mg/60ml
  40 bot  Salbutamol, 2mg/60ml
  30 bot Carbocisteine, 100mg/60ml
  15 bot Multivitamins, 60ml
  17 pcs Cup Noodles, 65g
  14 pcs Cup Noodles, 40g
Quezon Hill National High School 326 pcs Instant Noodles, 55g
  88 cans Sardines, 155g
  46 bot Mineral Water, 350ml
  16 bot Mineral Water, 350ml
  15 packs Assorted Biscuits
  6 cans Meat Loaf, 170g
  8 cans Tuna, 175g
  5 cans Corned Beef, 150g
  3 boxes Bath Soap, 106.3g
  3 sachets Shampoo, 6ml
  2 packs Ready to Eat Ulam, 150g
  2 cans Sardines, 425g
  2 sachets Bath Soap, 60g
  2 cans Ready to Eat Ulam, 155g
  1 pc Bar Soap, 150g
  1 pc Toothbrush
Marandnest Dormitory 28 pcs Baby Diapers
  12 pcs Sanitary Napkins
  10 rolls    Bathroom Tissue
  5 pcs Bath Soap, 50g
  2 packs Biscuits
  2 packs Cotton Buds, 200 tips
  1 pack Cotton Balls, 50g
Emmanuel Anolin 2 pcs Brand New Blankets
Nellie C. Casildo 50 kgs Rice
  48 pcs Toothbrush
UCCP-Baguio Educational Center 480 sachets Cereal Drink, 26g
  106 pcs Instant Noodles, 55g
  54 pcs Toothbrush
  32 cans Sardines, 155g
  24 bot Mineral Water, 500ml
  21 cans Tuna, 155g
  17 tubes Toothpaste, 18g
  12 packs Assorted Biscuits
  8 cans Corned Beef, 100g
  7 pcs Bath Soap, 85g
  5 boxes Tetra Pack Juice
  4 dozens Hangers
  4 cans Sausage, 130g
  3 cans Ready to Eat Ulam, 155g
  2 cans Pork & Beans, 165g
  2 packs Pancit Bihon, 454g
  1 can Meat Loaf, 100g
  1 pack Instant Oats, 1.1kg
  1 bot Baby Powder, 50g
    Stuffed Toys
Pines City Colleges 650 bot Mineral Water, 500ml
  638 cans Sardines, 155g
  528 pcs Instant Noodles
  155 pcs Toothbrush
  96 sachets Toothpaste, 25g
  88 sachets Shampoo, 10 ml
  167 pcs Bath Soap, 60g
  135 pcs Comb
  70 pcs Face Towel
  58 pcs Bath Soap, 90g
  52 bot Alcohol, 60ml
  49 cans Sardines, 425 grams
  42 packs Cotton Buds, 50 tips
  41 sachets Toothpaste, 30g
  35 bot Mineral Water, 350ml
  35 sachets 3 in 1 Coffee, 20g
  35 cans Tuna, 170g
  32 cans Ready to Eat Ulam, 150g
  30 sachets Shampoo, 16 ml
  26 pcs Cup Noodles, 35g
  24 sachets Cereal Drink, 30g
  23 sachets Shampoo, 14ml
  23 cans Meat Loaf, 150
  21 cans Corned Beef, 150g
  15 cans Meat Loaf, 170g
  13 sachets Chocolate Drink, 100g
  14 sachets Toothpaste, 10g
  14 packs Cotton Buds, 25 tips
  12 pcs Bath Soap, 55g
  12 cans Tuna, 155g
  11 sachets Toothpaste, 23g
  11 bot Mineral Water, 6L
UB High School Batch 2004 188 bot Drinking Water, 500ml
Maryland, U.S.A. and Baguio City    
c/o Neil Rodriguez 210 sachets Shampoo, 14ml
  168 sachets Toothpaste, 24g
  100 sachets Shampoo, 13.5ml
  100 cans Sardines, 155g
  100 cans Sausage, 70g
  100 pcs Bath Soap, 60g
  100 pcs Instant Noodles, 55g
  67 cans Corned Beef, 150g
  60 pcs Toothbrush
  32 cans Meat Loaf, 150g
Gemar Trading, La Trinidad, Benguet            341 pcs Organic Soaps
Florence Broňola 32 packs Sanitary Napkins
UP Baguio students of Humanities I-C and   Children’s Books and Toys
Communication 10-Y    
c/o Prof. Victoria Costina    
Rose Malekchan / Ces Tableso 112 pcs Baby Diapers
Mt. Province Police Provincial Office and the    
Police Regional Office 364 Kgs Rice
  1 Bag Beans
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