December 5, 2023

BONTOC, Mountain Province –The insufficient number of tricycles plying in the capital town will no longer be a problem. 

The Sangguniang Bayan has passed Ordinance 312, s. 2019 opening 100 additional tricycle franchises in the municipality to sufficiently serve the basic transportation needs of the public. 

The local council sees the need for an additional tricycle franchise with the growing population in Bontoc considering that it is the center of commerce and trade and education and it is the seat of governance of the provincial government and the provincial offices of national government agencies. 

The Municipal Tricycle Franchising Regulatory Board (MTFRB) has been tasked to oversee the implementation of the Transport and Traffic Code of Bontoc. 

Ordinance 300, s. 2018 states the guidelines for the issuance of a franchise for tricycles for hire or public utility vehicles. Only residents, registered voters of Bontoc, and holders of valid registration papers duly issued by the Land Transportation Office are qualified to apply for the Motorized Tricycle Operators Permit (MTOP).

The motorized tricycle to which the franchise is to be attached must be provided with its own parking space. The application for registration shall be filed by the operator or any individual of legal age who shall be given a special power of attorney to transact business by the operator.

The applicant shall procure and submit to the MTFRB secretariat the original registration issued by the LTOand an accident insurance issued by a competent insurance company that is sufficient to answer for any liability that the unit subject for registration may incur to passengers and/or properties in case of accidents.

The MTOP shall exist for one year and shall expire on the date of the year of issuance. 

The MTOP must be renewed for the succeeding year at any time before the date of its expiration. A grace period of up to the last day of January following the expiration of the franchise shall be extended for late renewal of the franchise, subject to the payment of a fine of P2,000. After the expiration of the grace period, all MTOPs which had been renewed shall be subject to cancellationand shall be made available to qualified applicants.

The operator/driver who wants to amend any provision of the MTOP shall file an application and corresponding fees to the MTFRB secretariat. 

For uniformity and ease of observation, MTOP stickers shall be placed on the lower right side part of the driver’s windshield. For purposes of observation and deterrence of any possible criminal acts, prior to the issuance of the MTOP there shall be no tinting/stickers except for MTOP stickers placed on the driver’s windshield such that the drivers and passengers of the motorized tricycle shall be easily observable and recognizable.

Only one franchise covering one unit motorized tricycle shall be issued to a particular operator/applicant. – Alpine L. Killa