July 21, 2024

Close to 2,000 children, parents, teachers, and coaches attended the recently staged Adivay Kasi-bulan 2022 at the Benguet State University football field.

BSU football coach Frael Aquino said 120 teams from 21 schools from all over the Benguet attended the grassroots football, which restarted since the pandemic.

KASIBULAN 2022 — The Adivay Kasibulan 2022 was attended by 2,000 eager kids, parents, teachers, and coaches at the Benguet State University football field, signaling the return of in-person group games. Organized by the BSU Center for Sports, Recreation and Wellness Development with the province of Benguet, the event continues to sharpen the skills of young athletes, some becoming professional football players and coaches in their adult years. — Frael Aquino

Championing the six to eight years old division is Bahong Elementary School followed by Bonglo ES, Aduyunan ES, and Tawang ES.

In the nine to 10 age group, Mauro P. Lauran  LES championed the division followed by Buyagan ES, Jappa ES, and Camp 30 ES. 

The 11 to 12 years old saw BSU Timba team as champion followed by United Church of Christ of Philippines Integra-ted School, Camp 30 ES, and Cagui-ing ES. 

Aquino said the event was coorganized with the BSU Center for Sports, Recreation and Wellness Deve-lopment and the provincial government of Benguet. 

“The Kasibulan Program has been held since 1998 and has been producing coaches, professional players and national players. This year we saw the children and the parents excited to join the event after a long time and we hope to sustain that in the coming years,” Aquino, the proponent of the event, said.

Kids have an early start as they train under the grassroots development program termed kasibulan, one of the few remaining grassroots deve-lopment program of the Philippine Football Federation being sustained locally by Aquino, also president of the Cordillera Region Football Association, Inc. – Ofelia C. Empian