July 23, 2024

TADIAN, Mountain Province – Eighteen persons with substance use disorder (PSUDs) who tagged themselves have completed the Recovery Wellness Program (RWP) dubbed “Gengaas di Namnama” and graduated on Dec. 18.

They are the second batch who turned themselves in to the local government and personnel of Tadian Municipal Police Station (MPS) for documentation and rehabilitation.

Lt. Denio Gatawa Pacio of Tadian MPS said there were 43 drug personalities who entrusted themselves to the local government and the police in 2016.

The municipal government partnered with Tadian MPS, Tadian Fire Station, the religious sector, and other government and private agencies for the Community Based Rehabilitation Program. The first batch completed the program in 2017.

The PSUDs were not able to finish the program, which is why concerned agencies reinvigorated the RWP in 2019. – Oliver C. Bilayan and Precious Manuel Wapan