April 2, 2023

BONTOC, Mountain Province – Two minors died and three others were injured when the vehicle they were riding fell off a ravine at 10:10 p.m., June 16, along Bawi, Barangay Gonogon.

The fatalities are Fausto Ballakis, Jr., 11, whose body was brought to his residence in Sabangan and Nathan James Ballakis, four. His body was brought to their residence at Samoki.

Injured are Jeranie Ballakis, 50, who was brought to the Luis Hora Memorial Regional Hospital (LHMRH) for orthopedic management, Fausto Ballakis, Sr., 51, who was also rbought to the LHMRH; and  Fernan  Ballakis, 18, driver of the vehicle, and is admitted at the Bontoc General Hospital.

Based on the report of the Bontoc Emergency Operations Center, the Bontoc Municipal Police Station (MPS) received a call of a vehicular traffic accident involving a grey Tamaraw FX vehicle with five passengers on board.

The victims who came from Bontoc were on their way home to their residence in Sabangan but upon reaching the incident site, the driver fell asleep while driving causing the vehicle to fall into a 25 to 30 meters deep ravine then landed onto the riverside.

All the five passengers were brought to Bontoc General Hospital for further management, but the two minors were declared dead on arrival by the attending physician.

Mayor Franklin Odsey directed concerned offices to provide assistance to the victims. – Alpine K. Malwagay