March 28, 2023

LAMUT, Ifugao – Two municipalities of the province have regulated the travel of vegetable dealers and delivery of goods to business establishments as a measure against the spread of the Covid-19.
Hungduan Mayor Casan Dumulag advised vegetable dealers in the municipality to abide with all the travel requirements to be allowed to pass through the municipal checkpoint established during the start of the pandemic.
Dumulag warned that it will be a waste of time if people travel without the travel registration slip (TRS) as personnel in charge in the checkpoints will not allow them to pass.
“Let’s work hand in hand to safeguard our municipality as well as our families against this pandemic. Please be guided on the abovementioned premises and stay safe everyone,” the mayor added.
In Kiangan, only “drop-and-go” vendors or “deliver-and-go” vehicles are allowed in the municipality in accordance with the set conditions. Ambulant vendors and those who will stay in the municipality for several hours shall not be allowed.
Delivery of goods to business establishments, stores and shops shall be permitted if the driver and helper have up-to-date medical certificate and travel authority; face mask and face shield must be worn while within the municipality and transactions must be done outside the establishments;
Only one store representative should transact business with the dealer at a time in an open space; both store owner/ representative and the delivery truck dealer shall wear face mask and face shield and observe social distancing and should only last for at most ten minutes exclusive of the unloading of goods for big delivery items.
Courier services like Entrego, J&T, and LBC also have a time limit per client in their transactions. Violators shall be dealt with in accordance with the guidelines in the implementation of community quarantine in the Philippines. – Marcelo B. Lihgawon