January 29, 2023

1.     The public wonders if the much-publicized smart city command center of Baguio is being used to at least help in finding solutions to the worsening traffic woes.

2.     It’s unfair to blame all the impacts of horrendous traffic to the visitors, as even some erring Baguio motorists also do not observe traffic rules and regulations.

3.     Many parents and guardians, who do not know any better, still bring children in town for non-essential errands and be stranded until the evening due to gridlock.

4.     Symptoms of the Covid-19 such as colds, cough, and body pains have manifested to some residents, who opted not to be tested and attributed it to the cold weather.

5.     Some social media accounts and websites are contemplating to hide recent photos and videos about Baguio’s tourism sites to discourage tourists from coming here.

6.     Up to now, Baguio residents are waiting for official statements on how the city would address the gridlocks, as the current situation may prevail until April 2023.

7.     Massive illegal logging activities in the countryside is one of the primary causes of landslides and flashfloods occurring during typhoons including in the Cordillera.

8.     LGUs conferred the Seal of Good Governance are wondering why a supposed model LGU in the highland is not included even as one of the regional awardees.

9.     By some indications, several of those who previously confiscated license plates and drivers’ licenses in the locality turned out to be not yet deputized by the LTO.

10. A ranking law enforcer could be right in his observation that these politicians and deputies lack short and long-term solutions to the demands of urbanization.

11. The emergence of a new Covid variant in China should alert DOH and the city to require negative test results from tourists with history of travel from that country.

12. Enterprising vendors and traders who defy the ban on sale of firecrackers in the localities have used the marketplace of Facebook to sell the banned products.

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