December 6, 2023
  1. It is only the camp of this politician that is claiming there is early politicking in wake of recent public issues when none of the supposed rivals are talking.
  2. A lot of parents wonder why this fellow remains an official of the PTA for the longest time even if he has no child studying in a public school for years now.
  3. One of the best jokes in town is that those behind the streamers of this politician are busy campaigning instead of focusing on how to acquire the Covid-19 vaccines.
  4. This PWD who once complained against government workers for not respecting his welfare and rights is not being harassed for filing charges that were dismissed.
  5. Some members of this council composed of government executives have signed some poorly prepared resolutions advancing a well-funded government campaign.
  6. Up to now, this famous urban politician has not paid fully the monthly amortization for a house and lot in a market subdivision due to lack of reserve funds.
  7. The recent change of command in several police offices is not part of early preparation for the upcoming highly-contested 2022 national and local elections.
  8. Several paid trolls of this mall proponent in a government property are flooding social media accounts with misinformation to justify the need to rehab the market.
  9. Some workers of two government agencies are demoralized by the action of their directors who supported a resolution, which blatantly violates human rights.
  10. A government executive thinks his self-centered consultant is the only person in the world who knows the dynamics and intricacies of mass media.
  11. Enterprising individuals and groups engaged in “double your money” schemes are preying on farmers in Benguet and Mountain Province who just sold their produce.
  12. The brother of this self-styled politician wanting to rule a province has desperately e-mailed a well-loved political figure for an endorsement for the upcoming elections.