July 23, 2024

BONTOC, Mountain Province – The Department of Social Welfare and Development-Cordillera, in partnership with the local government of Bontoc deliberated on June 6 about the proposed projects to be jointly funded under the agency’s Kapit-Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan-Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services (Kalahi-Cidss) and the Office of the President’s Payapa at Masaganang pamayanan-Indigenous Peoples Community-Driven Development (Pamana IP-CDD) programs.

These programs focus on poverty alleviation and peace promotion through community-driven development, particularly within indigenous communities.

It empowers communities to identify, plan, and implement projects that address their most pressing needs.

During the session, representatives from four barangays presented their project proposals. These proposals were evaluated by the LGU, the Municipal Development Council (MDC), and three representatives from the Barangay Representation Team (BRT) of each barangay.

Barangay Samoki officials and representatives proposed the construction of level 1 water system at Sitio Makhalas to Sitio Sadlan, Samoki.

They emphasized the need for an independent water source to prevent disputes with other barangays because the barangay currently relies on external sources for its water supply.

Similarly, Barangay Tocucan proposed the construction of level 1 water system at Sitio Iyek to Amcawa, Tocucan, emphasizing the persistent water shortage and the urgent need for a local water system to meet daily requirements.

Barangay Maligcong proposed the improvement of footpath at Sitio Fang-orao, in response to feedback from tourists visiting Kupapey and the benefits the project would bring to residents, particularly senior citizens and children.

Barangay Bontoc Ili proposed the construction of drainage canal-cum pathway at Sitio Fatayan, Bontoc Ili.

Punong Barangay Eva Mila Fana-ang said the absence of a drainage canal has led to accumulation of stagnant water and became a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

After the presentations of the four barangays, DSWD facilitators finalized the scores from the panel of judges.

The projects were assessed based on urgency of needs, environmental impact, sustainability, peace and order, community participation and implementation, number of beneficiaries and number of women who will participate in the development project.

The results were announced at the end of the meeting. Barangay Maligcong’s proposal, costing P941,010.888, secured first place.

Barangay Tocucan came in second place with a funding of P1,085,000.

Barangay Samoki which came in third place declined the remaining P373,989.12 as it could not meet the required counterpart funding. Fourth placer Barangay Bontoc Ili accepted the remaining funds.

Mayor Jerome Tudlong, Jr. commended the participatory approach that allows communities to directly relay their needs and collaborate with the government and other stakeholders for meaningful change. – Shannon Anthea S. Pagaduan