July 24, 2024

Three Covid-19 patients at the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center recovered from the disease and were like rays of light amidst the spike of positive cases in Baguio and other Cordillera provinces the past week.

As has been its ritual, the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center led by Dr. Ricardo Ruñez, Jr. and staff members lined up the hospital grounds and cheered as the patients were ushered from their rooms and finally discharged on June 15 and 16.

First to be discharged on June 15 is PH11576, a 41-year-old who defeated the virus and was sent home after 41 days of difficult battle.

In its official social media account, the BGHMC shared the patient’s journey to recovery, who described his more than a month in isolation as a struggle.

“There were days and nights when my mind was full of questions and doubts. Sometimes, I find myself in low spirit and crying. Nevertheless, I am still grateful for each day that I am still alive. Our Father in heaven has never left my side,” he was quoted as saying.

He thanked the BGHMC management and staff who have helped him made it through.

“I could not have won this battle alone and I will always be grateful to all those who selflessly and courageously assisted and took care of me. I was not able to see your faces clearly because of your PPEs, but in my heart, your kindness will always be remembered,” he added, as he also acknowledged Mayor Benjamin Magalong, his co-workers, family, and friends for their support, words of comfort, and love.

On June 16, BGHMC discharged one of its own, 38-year-old Psychiatric Ward nurse John Batulan along with his brother Jeffrey, 32, whose consecutive swabs tested negative.

The Batulan brothers of South Central, Aurora Hill were among those who revealed themselves to the public to help in tracing those who came in contact with them when they acquired the virus.

“I would like to thank my family, friends, and health workers for always being there for us,” Batulan said.

BGHMC Infection Control Nurse Czarina Mendoza thanked John for “making a difference,” being the first patient in the city who volunteered to the ongoing international clinical trial of the World Health Organization to find cure for the Covid-19.

He will be on home quarantine to complete the prescribed 14-day quarantine period while waiting for his next swab schedule before returning to work.

Celia Bucang, BGHMC IDB head nurse, expressed the hospital’s happiness for the recent recoveries and said they are glad to serve the patients.

As of June 16, the hospital has so far admitted 36 confirmed cases, 32 of them had recovered and one passed away. – Hanna C. Lacsamana