December 7, 2022

Illegal structures encroaching along the city’s water ways are being monitored by the City Engineers’ Office, City Environment and Parks Management Office, and the City Buildings and Architecture Office.

As of latest inspection, 613 illegal structures are within the three-meter easement of Balili River’s Sagudin tributaries. These are located at Happy Homes Old Lucban, North Sanitary Camp, Camdas, Trancoville, Alfonso Tabora, Magsaysay Private Road, ABCR, New Lucban, Brookside, Honeymoon Holy Ghost, Holy Ghost Extension, Imelda Village, Pacdal, Gibraltar, St. Joseph Village, Brookspoint, East Modernsite and Manuel Roxas.   

The structures are residential and boarding houses, business establishments, greenhouses, bodega, concrete fences, shanties and sheds, comfort rooms, water tanks, piggery, gazebo, plant boxes, septic tanks and ongoing extension construction.      

Some structures are built on slabs on top of the creek while some are at least five stories high with attics and basement floors; with length extending up to 50 meters and width up to 20 meters.

A church hall, a private bank, portions of a public and a private school, morgue, stores, waiting shed and barangay halls complete the list.

Owners of the said properties have been issued notices of violations of the Environmental Code of Baguio City and National Building Code.

Reports of violations will be submitted for hearings at the CBAO, after which titled properties and those with applications at the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources shall be the subject of relocation surveys, while administrative remedies shall be exhausted for undocumented structures.     

Unresolved issues will be forwarded to the Anti-Squatting and Anti-Illegal Structures Committee which after investigation may recommend demolition of concerned structures. – Julie G. Fianza