March 26, 2023

Three hydros of Hedcor owned the first to third spots as exemplary compliant run-of-river hydros in Forecast Accuracy Standard (FAS) category during the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) Compliance Officer Summit held recently.

Hedcor Sabangan Hydro ranked the highest among participating run-of-river hydropower plants all over the country. Hedcor’s Irisan 1 and 3 Hydros and Sal-angan Hydro got the second and third spots, respectively.

The FAS category recognizes the accuracy standards based on projected output from the Dec. 26, 2018 to Dec. 25, 2019 rating period.

Forecast accuracy for renewable energy plants is measured by means of Mean Average Percentile Error (MAPE) and 95th Percentile (Perc95) as stated under relevant WESM manuals and the Philippine Grid Code. The monitoring is based on the results generated from the FAS compliance handled by the Independent Electricity Market Operator of the Philippines.

“We, in Hedcor, embody values and processes to generate clean and renewable energy in a compliant manner as reflected in us being cited as exemplary compliant run-of-river hydros. One of the silver linings brought about by the pandemic is the demand for sustainability and renewables; and we, in Hedcor, take pride in our Cleanergy,” said Rolando Pacquiao, vice president for Hedcor Operations and Maintenance.

The three awards were received virtually by Hedcor’s WESM Compliance Officer Jayson A. Francisco.

The Philippine Electricity Market Corporation, the governing body of the WESM, conducts the summit annually to strengthen the culture of compliance and integrity among electricity market participants and to provide latest developments in the Philippine power market.

Hedcor, a run-of-river hydropower arm of AboitizPower, operates 22 plants across the country with a total generating capacity of 277.36 megawatts of Cleanergy, AboitizPower’s brand for clean and renewable energy. – Press release