December 7, 2023
Get together of friends from the BAR, the Baguio Midland Courier and the Baguio Museum: Ivy Ng, Edna Anton, Toni Hamada, Judith Pavia, and PIA-CAR Director Helen Tibaldo.
Grandson of Edna Anton, Pocholo with wife Catherine surrounded by BAR friends: Seated: (L-R) Angel Bernardo, Janet Lu, Edna Anton, Zeny Cating, Menchie Villanueva and Olive Balajadia. Back row: (L-R) Karen Anton, Auring Bautista, Charito Barter, Helen Tibaldo, Sr. Guada, Toni Hamada, Stella de Guia, Judith Pavia, Pocholo and Catherine,  Ivy Ng, and Gemma Estolas.

The camaraderie and friendship of the Baguio Association of Restaurants (BAR) in Baguio go a long way.
Headed by Michael del Rosario of the McDonalds fast food chain in Baguio and La Trinidad, Benguet and the Sunshine Grocery, the group enjoys pure friendship with his leadership.

Edna Anton hosted lunch at the Ritz Legarda Restaurant for her Australian-based grandson, Pocholo, and his wife, Catherine, with  two of their children. They are  her  great grandchildren. Seated: (L-R) Edna Anton and Antoinette “Toni” Hamada of Baguio Midland Courier. Standing (L-R) Gemma Gardingan Estolas, Ivy Ng, Charito Barter, PIA-CAR Director Helen Tibaldo, and Judith Pavia.
MORE FRIENDS — (Seated,L-R) Angel Bernardo, Janet Lu, Edna Anton, Zeny Cating and Olive Balajadia. Standing: (L-R) Toni Hamada, Judith Pavia and Menchie Villanueva.

A get together to celebrate birthdays, successes, good health, and events welcoming their relatives bind them even more.  Their fellowship is beyond their very successful businesses. It’s simply the enjoyment of  being with each other.  It’s their respite in hard times,  like the pandemic. They serve as sturdy shoulders for each other or cry on in times of crisis. Such is the awesome BAR.

Gentlemen BAR members: Erdolfio Balajadia, Mos Cating and Des Bautista engaging in their own tete a tete.

For this occasion, Edna Anton, owner of a chain of Sizzling Plate restaurants with her son, Carlos, and daughter-in-law, Karen, hosted lunch for her Australian-based  grandson Pocholo and his, wife Catherine, in one of the newest hotels in Baguio, the  Ritz Legarda Hotel located at Legarda Road, a 10-minute walk to Session Road. 

Race car champion Carlos Anton and with wife, Karen.

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Edna Anton with family: Seated (L-R) Edna, Erdolfo Balajadia, Mos Cating and Des Bautista with Carlos and Karren Anton, Pocholo,  Catherine with baby.

Some of the BAR members who joined the get together were: Des and Auring Bautista of Iggy’s and Bonuan Restaurant, Mos, Zeny and Rocky Cating of the Solibao and Ganza Restaurants, Erdolfo and Olive Balajadia of Balajadia’s Kitchenette, Ivy Ng of Hotel Supreme, Sr. Guada of Good Shepherd, Charito Barter and Menchie Villanueva of Venus Parkview Hotel, Antoinette “Toni” Hamada of the Baguio Midland Courier and Judith Pavia, Director Helen Tibaldo of the Philippine Information Agency, Gemma Gardingan Estolas of the Baguio Museum, Angel Bernardo of the University of Baguio and Janet Lu, a former caterer.
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Baguio Association of Restaurants ladies and friends at the Ritz Legarda Restaurant.