July 24, 2024

A lot of us lately are prowling tirelessly for the better deal, hunting down opportunities that will free us from career imprisonment as the young generation prefers freelance or part-time work over full-time jobs.
Most young or fresh graduates grab the first job offer that comes their way. They want to be part of the workforce in a hurry even if they are clueless on the kind of job they really want. Some may be lucky with their first job, but not the others.
I was stuck with my first job for three years because of the company’s good name and pay. I later realized that this could not compensate for the dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and boredom that were tearing dreams that I couldn’t understand at first but eventually I interpreted to be saying: “Go after your interest in life before it’s too late.”
I left my job without knowing where I would work next. I never had the chance to apply in other companies because I was so busy in my job before.
It was surreal to have all the free time in the world. I felt like an astronaut lost in space I busied myself doing the things I took for granted when I was still working. Before, I was in a hurry, impatient, and irritable over little things. Now, I have learned to slow down, think straight, and be more patient and appreciative of the simple things in life.
Having rested for some time, I embarked on the search for the job. I applied on the Internet, read trade journals for new developments and expansions on the jobs I was targeting. I religiously went over the job ads in Sunday newspapers.
The search was quite tiring and daunting, but the feeling was great. Finally, I was doing something for my future. I had left my job feeling depressed and I was surprised at how highly my skills were valued by other companies. But I was careful and selective in picking a job. This was my second and I was determined not to blow it.
If you decide to take the path I have chosen, you should be ready. Have strong faith in yourself and pray to go for guidance and strength in the most trying times because you will find out who your real fiends are. Above all, never lose sight of your goals.
I have no regrets despite everything that I had to go through. If it weren’t for those painful experiences in my past I would not be aware of what’s missing in my life.
We’ve heard stories of people sticking with their jobs for long even if they feel miserable because they need the money to survive. I guess our generation is lucky to have more choices in life.
I used to dread meeting old friends and even acquaintances. I didn’t know how to answer if they asked me where I was working. If you told them you’re a freelancer, they’d look at you with disdain as if you were a major loser. I was afraid that I wasn’t living up to my friends’ expectations.
One good thing about my soul searching is that it gave me the chance to overcome my personal demons and realize that I didn’t need anybody’s approval.
Right now, I treat every day as a challenge. I’ve learned to be humble enough to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
One thing is certain: I can’t picture myself stuck in an eight to five job again.
Was this a good sign? There is no rule that says you have to have a full-time job to succeed.
But one thing’s certain: My family and friends were right in thinking I was the person most likely to succeed. I am successful at going after my dreams with determination. The result? A life (job included). — Clement P. Cadalig