July 21, 2024

Like you and I, everyone on Earth dreams of living his life in a path full of good intentions. Lessons from my late father, Art, along that line include “be good to others, never put one over the other, don’t take advantage, neither be greedy or selfish, be generous, enjoy life!”
So, after learning the difference between the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees, the simple thought of having the best intentions in words, thoughts and deed hit me – that at every chance to ever be a decent human should be my core.
To err is human though and mistakes have been committed along the way. I guess this is an inescapable part of every man’s makeup!
In public service, while one only desires to serve and help, the intrigue, frustration, disappointment, or resentment seems to be greater than your best to render goodness.
Politics eat the very heart of idealism and once you’d reach rock bottom, you would not be fool enough to cast your lot on another chance, meddle with the clock of time and join the powers-at-be’s circus to act rashly in matters they do not fully understand.
The delusive good intention should not be an excuse to waltz your way to the public eye. But then again there stands Edmund Burke: For “evil to succeed, let good men do nothing.”
Nobody ever intended for things to go wrong, right? And yet things do go wrong! We can at the end of the day make mistakes or worse do evil but never consciously intend to hurt anyone or inflict on a person cared for a wound that would never heal. Ultimately, it would only hurt yourself, and those who truly believe in you.
There for those asking, and for those asking, there! Sigh.